11 julio 2017

About LHdB sequel / Acerca de la secuela de LHdB

Hello guys, how have you been?
I have not very pleasant news to give. I really do not want to extend much, the downturn I have is not normal, so I'll leave the original message that I hung up on Facebook. I hope you understand.
Guys, those who want to read the sequel to La Hija de Bóreas (The Daughter of Boreas) will have to wait longer.
I just got a message from college related to my master's thesis. The work that awaits me is not normal and I can only dedicate time to a single story: Reflections.
It is already hard to write with the conditions of the country, but with this I will have to put (again) what I must do above what fills me.
The sequel goes, yes or yes, the plot is almost complete, the main characters ready, and I think even the soundtrack (could not miss hehe,) but about publishing it... will not be this year.
The first chapter is already ready and published in Wattpad, and Reflections is advancing, stumbling, but moving forward. It's all there will be during this 2017 ...

Hola chicos, ¿cómo les va?
Tengo noticias no muy agradables que dar. Realmente no quiero extenderme mucho, el bajón de ánimos que tengo no es normal, así que les dejaré el mensaje original que colgué en Facebook. Espero sepan entender.
El primer capítulo ya está listo y publicado en Wattpad, y Reflections está avanzando, a trompicones, pero avanza. Es todo lo que habrá durante este 2017...

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¡Gracias por pasarte por Tinta Nocturna!
Un abrazo de aquí hasta donde estés ^^


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