16 febrero 2016

A Benevolent Queen: An Interview with Garek.

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Music’s world can be many times a highway where you find the same car painted in another color, maybe some different parts, another driving way, but the same thing at the end of the day.
Seems as if it’s very difficult to make something new nowadays because almost every style and every topic to sing about has already been touched; even the big stars have problems to find inspiration, a new muse.
What can a new singer do to have a place between this competitive industry? It’s up to them: a new kind of lyrics, music, appearance, maybe how they do their videos, their clothes, what they talk about others… the list is infinite.
But sometimes you find surprises, who can say they don’t exist anymore?
Imagine a guy who mix fashion, horror, pop, metal music, drag queens and poetry in one single thing. If you can, congrats, you’re very creative, and if not, keep reading, because this guy exists and his name’s Garret James, better known as Garek.

1. What made you decide to do music?
I've always been a writer, so songwriting came as a natural progression for me. I started with stories (in the style of Goosebumps- my favorite childhood books), then poems, then songs. Songs, by nature, have to be sung- so I started singing.

2. Where does your inspiration comes from? Has any artist made a significant impact in you?
My interactions with people, sometimes from conversations I'm having with myself.
Alanis Morissette and Marilyn Manson are the two biggest musical influences I've had. Gwen Stefani is also up there- she's really the coolest chick ever.

3. Do you think there’s a difference between Garek" and "Garret James"?
Just the name.

4. When you sing, what does it means "take the king" and "Save the queen"?
To go after exactly what it is that you want. To use cunning and wit, strategy and skill to get what you want out of life- much like a chess game.

5. King or Queen? What do you prefer?
Depends- anything with a royal connotation has a nice ring to it...

6. When it comes to videos, how do you chose what to show?
The song always inspires the video. I'll know I like a song when my brain starts producing visuals to go along with it. I've always been in charge of what goes on in front of the camera, and have been fortunate to work with some very talented people behind the camera.

7. Save the Queen seemed intended for fashion, Cavity for a version of AHS, ET for insanity itself, My Animal for sex and Sex & Candy for a mix of all this, is it like that or there's something people usually miss when seeing the videos?
You're absolutely right. They're all very different, because each song is telling a different story. I get so bored so quickly, so it's easy to see why I change styles so frequently. 

8. Why did you decide to cover Katy Perry's "E.T." and not another song?
There was a darkness in the lyrics that I thought was missing in the original performance- musically and vocally. I wanted to see if I could express that- shine some light on the missing darkness. 

9. What happened to the stories you used to write? Do you still do it or was it just a phase?
They've simply changed forms, now they exist in song-form; my songs are still my stories, but as far as more narrative things go, I don't really have the patience to sit down and write something like that. Perhaps when I'm on my death bed I'll look back at all the seedy things I've done and write them down.

10. In one word, how would you describe your music? Why?

11. What can we wait for the benevolent queen? Which plan do you have?
I'm releasing a new song and video in March- stay tuned.

12. Any advice for those who want to do music?
Don't do it for anyone except yourself. The minute you start creating art, people will try to change your vision- you have to remember why you started doing it in the first place: because it made you happy.

13. Many thanks for your time, hope to hear you again! Greetings from Venezuela!


Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

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