07 marzo 2016

The not so Revenant and some opinions

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Night of awards and drama for many people. Several meet taking bets on who'll take the coveted statuette of the Academy,  making last-minute revisions, choosing their favorite option for each category...
By my side, I hesitated a lot to the famous "DiCaprio’s Curse " to broke this year, and I say this for his latest film: The Revenant, a story of drama and some warlike dyes with a trailer much better than the whole thing.
I really feel that the film wasn’t one of the best I saw in what goes of this year so far, mostly by its protagonist’s performance as Hugh Glass. Someone in his situation would be much more expressive, show more feeling.
I do not deny that his performance was good, but I expected much more, and I came to think that instead of being involved in so much danger, his favorite football team failed to qualify for the World Cup final.
Following the performances, I must mention that there were three in particular that earned my respect: Forrest Goodluck as Hawk, Glass’s Indian son; Will Poulter as Jim Bridger and Tom Hardy as the former soldier John Fitzgerald.
Hawk’s role was intense, very emotional, close to the public and one of those that you’re your throat tighten when something happens; who saw the film will know what I mean by something. The same goes with the character of Bridger, one very controversial internally trying to maintain optimism and hope when everything looks stormy and a victim of circumstances.
I have to breathe not to insult while talking about Fitzgerald as I did at the time with King Stefan in Maleficent. He’s such an unbearably hypocritical, manipulative, selfish and egocentric character, scratching the point of the impossible; very, very well built. For almost all of his scenes I wanted to go to the screen to shoot him in the most vulnerable area of we men.
As for performance, I didn’t expect DiCaprio to win Best Actor, much less I thought it had a chance for Best Movie, as though powerful and strong, surprising moments are rather scarce, resulting in a slowness sometimes exasperating; I totally differ when talking about Tom Hardy, who I hope to really get an appreciation for such a good work.
I also put a question to everyone, whether it deserved or not a prize for music composition, virtually nonexistent, or sound, very detailed and worked, said it all. It’s a very introspective film, full of suspenseful and dramatic silences, but the few scenes with actual music are few and not very relevant, I’d say, and the constant sonic detail, how complex it becomes, bore those who are looking at the screen.
However, I believe that photography and costumes are excellent. Images and natural lighting become something totally irreplaceable when used in the best way, and The Revenant done it; I wasn’t surprised to see the award for this film.
I also think the same with the costumes: each garment looked like something out of itself wasteland where the characters interact, helps a lot to get into the film. Mad Max surpassed it in this regard, but I would be not so surprised this movie wins in this category later.
Little I can say I hasn’t already been said, except to emphasize that the biggest surprise that night was that DiCaprio managed to take the best actor of the year. With so much promotion about it and even the hashtag #UnOscarParaLeo (#AnOscarForLeo, in Spanish), it was more a forced prize than anything else.
If Leonardo wasn’t seen encouraged in his speech, no doubt thinking he had in his head just that: his award was arranged, forced, as a kind of compensation for the years he failed to win deservedly.
The memes on Facebook were not waiting, so I'll leave the one that really made me more grace and I thought would materialize.
It would really have made more sense to see that than the absurd theater mounted on stage... He t win a prize? It would have been better on his own merit and not by marketing strategies and humorous commercials…
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  1. Yo no llegué a ver la película, pero que el Hype que se montó para que DiCaprio llegase a ganar el premio fue terrible. Si es verdad que lo merecía hace tiempo, pero es un tanto injusto ganarlo si es que esas eran las condiciones. Esta muy bueno el blog, Mr. Es bueno saber que sigue con ellos.

    Nos estamos leyendo! Saludos ^^.

    PD: Tuve que ir a la versión en español, buen magazine :P

    1. Jajajajaja ¡Gracias por leer, señor! Te recomiendo que la veas, no es mala en sí, pero no merecía tanto alboroto y DiCaprio tampoco merecía ese premio; ya lo dijiste, no en esas condiciones al menos.
      ¡Y que bueno que te guste Making Of! Realmente es una de las páginas que más me llamaron la atención cuando la encontré y pues no podía dejar de formar parte de ella, ¡es un equipo de trabajo excelente!
      Cuando ande por el Fb me escribe que siempre es bueno saber de usted, ¡se me cuida! ¡Un abrazo!


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