06 noviembre 2017

Heroes of the Storm: Favorite Characters

Hello people! Last week was nuts, we had to go to my native city for personal reasons. I’ve been resting as Isaid before, but not as much as I expected, so I’ll be adjusting some things, starting with the amount of time I spend playing Heroes of the Storm. Did you know I already have my favorite characters?


10. Medivh: Weird guy I’m still trying to learn to play with, but that helped a lot when one of my mates was in need. He can damage his enemies and shield his allies, and allows the entire team to know what's happening in the map. He really deserves a chance.
9. Stukov: Zombies have never been a thing, but hey, Stukov can make significant damage, slow down his enemies and heal his allies a lot. He has his tricks and is somewhat strange, but when you find the logic of this character, you’re on the winner team already!
8. Brightwing: A faery dragon (not sure if that’s legal, but okay) that keeps constantly healing her team, building up their powers and keeping the enemies at bay. She’s horrible on her own and wouldn’t recommed her for newbies, though.
7. Azmodan: I recently discovered the power of this strange creature, who can create his own army, hurt the other team and heal himself by killing. Azmodan's somewhat slow and needs a lot of use to be understood, but once done he'll be unstopable!
6. Li Li: The ultimate healer and the firs character that I used, a panda that helps everyone easier and faster than anyone else. The best part's that her mana cost is almost nothing compared to what she’s capable of. Who’d thought she’s that great?
5. Zagara: Queen of the Swarm, Zagara can also create her own army, make a big amount of damage for a long time and take control of her environment. Besides healing herself she can also move to whichever place she needs. You’ll never know what killed you.
4. Abathur: Aba let’s me be behind the curtain and play my role from a safe place. He’s perfect to jumb from one hero to another, supporting and defending, add also the chance to protect and heal your team’s buildings. How not to love him?
3. Auriel: An angel that transforms damage into healing magic, me likes! Auriel doesn’t goes well on her own, but when helped by other heroes, she’s provides eternal life, repel enemies and, best thing ever, resurrect those who were killed in battle. Fear the angel!
2. Li Ming: I always have a great time when using the wild card, the arcanist from Diablo. From a safe distance, Li Ming can break some bones and crash the other heroes when she levels up, at the point of turning into a killing machine with her magic for both heroes and buildings.
1. Gul'dan: Best character ever! The warlock drains life and curses his enemies by sacrificing his on life force, but in my hands (ehem, btch please) he becomes the perfect leech: heals himself by killing his enemies at the same time. Love it, just love it.

Right now, I want to learn how to use Sylvanas, Kael'thas and Xul, as I already consider myself a great healer and support; time to expand my mass murders repertoire. Have you played HotS? What do you think about it? Any favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

¡No olvides que tienes un capítulo nuevo de Reflections hoy!

Greetings and hugs!

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