17 agosto 2011

Caught in the love of a ghost.

Why I have to feel you all the time? Why I can't forget you?
All my dreams comes to nightmares, all my friends becomes to shadows.
When the sun turn off, the ghost of your soel start to run in my mind.

I can't believe that I see you like a angel,
When I look to the past.
Only can I see dark clouds and tunders
When I see this cristal ball.

I wake up always believing that you call me, thinking that you apologize to me and hugged me.
I fall asleep waiting for this dream to be realized.

Someday I hope to see you there, telling me you love me, but you're going forever.
So I will leave this love poisonous.

Farewell, my beloved ghost.
Adios, seductive nightmare.
Goodbye, long torment.
Goodbye, really stormy.
See you in the afterlife.

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