16 abril 2016

Injustice: Thus was born a tyrant.

Hi guys! How's the weekend going? On this side of the pond things have been a little busy, but for good reasons! Next week I'll be bringing you news about the editing process of Red de Rosas Rojas, the book that will be published by Luna Azul Ediciones :D
¡Hola chicos! ¿Qué tal va el fin de semana? De este lado del charco las cosas han estado algo ocupadas, ¡pero por buenos motivos! La semana que viene les estaré trayendo novedades acerca del proceso de edición de Red de Rosas Rojas, el libro que saldrá de la mano con Luna Azul Ediciones :D
Does anyone want to read comics? I do, so I bring you a review of Injustice: Gods Among Us, more specifically, on the first year of the story. I didn't know this series would hook me so much!
¿Alguien con ganas de leer cómics? Yo sí, así que les traigo una reseña sobre Injustice: Gods Among Us, más concretamente, sobre el primer año de la historia. ¡No sabía que esta serie me engancharía tanto!
I hope you give it a chance, read it, and try the game, because despite being a prequel, you totally forget what happened and surprises you with every passing thing. It's incredible!
Espero que se animen, lo lean, y prueben el juego, porque a pesar de ser una precuela, te olvidas totalmente de lo que pasó y te sorprende cada cosa que pasa. ¡Es increíble!

Read in Spanish.
Léelo en español.

Superheroes are popular icons for excellence. We see the smallest symbol that makes us remember them and know instantly who they are or who we're talking about. For some, they are even a role model, the ones who show the right and just way of living. But can a model hero become a perverse villain? Yes.
I was before a good supporter of Marvel, now I bet on DC after several things that made me stop seeing the house of the X-Men, my childhood idols, as original and creative people. The first comic I chose to enter this new universe, and which I admit not knowing almost anything, was Injustice, because I had already played the game one or two years ago on the Xbox.
In no very broadly the comic acts as a prequel to the game, everything that was happening, year after year, after a slapstick transform DC's first super in an anti-hero bounds near the villain. I think the references are clear enough to know who I'm speaking about.
Superman will be completely traumatized and shattered after the Joker wants to deal with him, and the reader will feel the same as the hero, since at no time sees coming what happens next; I save the details to avoid spoilers, obviously. But in what ends this?
Our hero will enter a completely destructive spiral to achieve world peace and stop all wars on the planet, as well as achieve zero tolerance to any criminal, vandalism or threaten his ideals act. Let's see, something very similar to what Hitler did.
As expected, someone likes pretty much what he tries to do, and that someone is Wonder Woman, Princess Diana, leader of the Amazons. Together, they have the needed power to reach the world's governments and make these say amen to every word, and more superheroes join their cause: to rid the world of violence, completely eradicated and that the end justifies the means.
Another person does not like this at all, and that someone is Batman. The Dark Knight sees only death and devastation where his friend puts his foot or displays the face, sees a world in danger of collapse, and also sees a latent threat that no one else seems to notice except for humans.
Like Superman, our bat gets the support of an opposition group to the radical the ideas of his ally before, but his second hand, who is the first to show up at his disposal, is Catwoman. Strange, at least for me, that who always saw as a villain now be heroin.
Both groups are consolidated, heroes and villains come and go, some even perish under the powers of Superman for threatening his own Utopia, but if something is for sure, and that means satisfaction for many, is that it's not a must to be versed in the DC universe to read comics.
With the arrival of characters maybe not very familiar, they get their scenes before those who are celebrities, presenting them in a good way, light, easy to digest, and so familiarize the reader, although some remain outside, as Hawkgirl, Black Adam or Huntress. It may be by being a rookie, but the their background, along with many others, doesn't go on much explanation as to what the first year of the series concerns.
The story's quite dynamic, the issues are read one after the other easily, filling adrenaline drop by drop, until you devour everything devourable without giving much consideration, almost wanting to blame someone it all's so short all, not having enough pages to continue reading.
A small parenthesis here to point out something I didn't like. I'm aware the narrative's not linear, it is something seen immediately, but the way Catwoman enters the story cuts too much emotion. There's a hurricane, disaster by both heart and brain, and she appears to stop it. What happened, Tom Taylor? You were going pretty well until then!
After this bittersweet emotional episode, things go back to be as they were: just as disastrous as dangerous for their characters, equally full of action and surprises.
We see the darkness born into all Superman's supporters, we see his sadism, emotional and mental condition and which tries to justify his actions, something he doesn't do very well, I must say.
With the art I have some problems, because in the first half, although I wasn't aware of any changes, if any, they were minimal, style held up fairly well, but during the second half of the first year I saw several changes and very straight, some more successful than others.
It's obvious how difficult it can get to have the same artist for all issues, is complicated even to imagine it, but one expects to find at least one style, one palette and one drawing, not several, all mixed in a disorderly manner.
So many visual differences got me out of the reading. I couldn't concentrate on one or two pages and should re-read, so I think this is something that played strongly against DC. I hope not to get through anything like that in the next years.
Out of that detail, I must say it's an almost mandatory reading. I loved the fact that so many unexpected twists took place, the way I was left speechless and the usa everyone gave their skills.
One last thing I want to say before closing, and as a warning to readers who worship Superman: I don't know how many times I cursed him and his lineage, much less know how many are waiting me. At the risk of you if you want to play the respect you feel towards him because I now idolize Batman, and not even considered him a superhero before.
Hey! We already have a new chapter of Perfecta Maldición in Wattpad! And you still have time to participate in the joint reading for La Hija de Bóreas.
¡Hey! ¡Ya tenemos un nuevo capítulo de Perfecta Maldición en Wattpad! Y todavía tienen tiempo para participar en la lectura conjunta de La Hija de Bóreas.
Let me know what you think in the comments!
¡Déjenme saber lo que piensan en los comentarios!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

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