22 julio 2016

Scripted, Icon for Hire.

Hello people! It's Friday!
¡Hola gente! ¡Ya es viernes!
Today I decided to go with the rock theme last week and to share one of my favorite albums: Scripted, Icon for Hire. It is the debut album of this band, with a unique style and lyrics that can not stop singing as they sound.
Para hoy decidí seguir con el tema del rock de la semana pasada y compartirles uno de mis discos favoritos: Scripted, de Icon for Hire. Es el album debut de esta banda, con un estilo único y letras que no puedes dejar de cantar a medida que suenan.
I hope you like it as much as me!
¡Espero les guste tanto como a mí!
I'll be waiting for your comments and see your names in the joint readings from the blog!
¡Estaré esperando sus comentarios y ver sus nombres en las lecturas conjuntas del blog!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!


4 comentarios:

  1. Your posts are always so colorful and varied - that takes skill!

    1. Nice to read that! I put some effort doing each one, I'm glad you like them!

  2. Ooo! I love the idea of having a day just for music since for me, a lot of times, I can picture songs as books. Great post!

    1. Cool! Hope you do the same, I think music is a big part of life nowadays ;)


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