20 noviembre 2018

Interviewing Angelspit!

Hello, Nighters! I hope this is a good week for you. ^^
Do you know what I have had time without doing? Interviewing personalities, and it's something I enjoy a lot. Some time ago I was able to interview Zoog Von Rock, from Angelspit, about his most recent album, Puncture Marks.
For various problems, additional to my own, the interview couldn't be published before. The album's already out, but take the opportunity to listen to it while reading Zoog's answers. ^^
In advance, thanks to Zoog for his time and for a record like this. Also, if you want to know what I think about the album, I will publish the review this week!

Greetings and hungs!

Clic aquí para leerla en español.
Click here to read it in Spanish.

Zoog Von Rock: “I wanted to write lyrics that people can relate to”

Zoog Von Rock, the mastermind behind the electro-industrial sound of Angelspit, is preparing the release of the band’s next remix album, Puncture Marks. He gave me an early access to the amazing sound of this project and we also had the chance to talk a little about it, offering a more complete insight on its creating process and about what it is about.

1. You said that the profits from Puncture Marks are for your immigration fees. What gave you the idea for a remix album of Angelspit for this?
Yes. I am an Australian living in the USA. Immigration has always been difficult and expensive to deal with...and it's got harder over the past 12 months.
I want people to know where their money is going, and that immigration is a difficult and expensive process.
This remix album was a great opportunity to work with other bands who have also had difficulties getting into another countries when touring. 
I am grateful to be a part of a tribe who look after each other. I am always inspired to make my art relevant for my supporters. YOU ARE AMAZING!

2. Why Black Dog Bite and not a selection of tracks from different albums?
The response to the latest album has been very positive. Angelspit supporters have been asking about the possibility of a remix album - as I have not released one in over 2 years.
When I do a remix album, I try and curate it with a certain theme. With Puncture Marks, I asked remixers to be inspired by Cyberpunk circa 1988 to 1992... Industrial musicians LOVE this time period - it was great fun!
I requested they change the song as much as they wanted, plus add their own vocals. The result is an album that is in the same vain as Black Dog Bite, but it sounds like a completely different album. 

3. Which is the reason for using Puncture Marks as the title? What does it mean to you?
It's a word play on Black Dog Bite. The original album deals with fighting through depression. Puncture Marks are the scars that are left after the bite. 
I wanted to write lyrics that people can relate to, and music that would energize that to forge ahead.
Today will be awesome because we will make it awesome!

4. Did you choose the remixers in any particular way?
Remixing is a great way for bands to work together, build relationships and swap ideas. 'Puncture Marks' is an exercise in pushing each track. It's awesome to hear a band completely re-interpret the song. 
I have a list of people who I love to work with, and I am always adding to it... hence the remix albums are getting longer (!!).
This will have close to 20 remixes... and more coming! Every song from the original album has been remixed, and all remixes sound very different.

5. What were the first thoughts you got when you listened to the new tracks for the first time?
I loved them! It's always a surprise to get remixes back, and it's interesting to hear how the artists re-interpret the track.
The album features some great tracks from Mr.Kitty, Abney Park, Go Fight, The Gothsicles, Inertia, En Esch, The Mercy Cage, Stoneburner, PlanetDamage, Adoration Destroyed, Erektor, Rodney Anonymous, Adventu Impar, addambombb, The Dead Room, Alter De Ruine, Curse Of Cassandra, Shadowcell Theory...and more TBA!

6. You're using a Kickstarter campaign for this album, but you've done it in the past. Do you think you'll keep funding Angelspit's music like this?
DEFINITELY. Kickstarter is a great way to get the word out about a release in a limited time. I already have a solid audience connected to Kickstarter, so it’s easy for me to reach them.

7. Has the process for Black Dog Bite been different in any way to the past ones?
I adopted a completely new approach for Black Dog Bite. I set myself limits based on the technology that existed from 1988 to 1992 - the golden age of Cyberpunk.
I used many more old samplers, drum machines effects units.
This equipment has many glitches and shortcomings - which shade the sound and feel of the album. It was awesome fun!
I hunted down samplers from that era and scouted all over the web for sounds specifically from that time. I adopted the process of writing electric music during that time... which was very laborious, but great fun!
Once the tracks were recorded, I produced them with a modern aesthetic - as they need to hold their ground if they're played in a club.
The lyrics are more personal - dealing with relationships and depression.
For the remix album, I invited the bands to also have fun with this time period. Many dusted off their old synths and distortion pedals to make some old school mayhem!

8. What will you be doing after the album is out?
I am dedicating time to Angelspit's Patreon. I'll be releasing a new track and instructional video each month. The videos aim to encourage people to make their art and include music/production thoughts about sound design, playing live, promotion, management.
I am doing a series on remixing - as remixing s a much loved pastime of mine.
The Patreon is a great way to communicate with people who want to be involved. 
Much of the content on the Patreon is free for everyone.
I am already working on Angelspit's 8th album. It's completely different to anything I have done. I am using the Patreon to explore this new direction. This album is experimenting with synthwave - I call it Cyber Wave. I am focusing on the technology and process of 1978 to 1982.
I am using mainly analog synths (Jupiter 8 and Prophet 5,) Doepfer Modular, Mini Moog and Emulator I - all these existed in that time period. I am also using more analog sequencing, but the big change is that I am playing most parts, so it has a real, organic feel to it.
My indispensable piece of gear is the Doepfer modular synth. Many sounds originate on it, and most sounds are processed through it. I am also using it more for drums. I love what Doepfer builds!
Last word: Keep making your art and music! More than ever, our society needs freedom of speech and creative expression. Someone, somewhere will love what you do - so keep doing it!

The album that Zoog refers to is Hello My Name Is, which I'll be reviewing soon on the channel. Listen to it on Bandcamp and support this man!


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