28 agosto 2017

Review: Mad About the Hatter, by Dakota Chase

Hello people, plans for the week?
There's another book I want to share with you, a retelling that I loved, made me find my inner child again and that will do the same for you if you like fantasy, adventure and romance. Even the cover is perfect!

The story is light, interesting, and with
Wonderland's glorious, strange enchant.
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I received this book sometime ago, but because of my dear, sweet computer, the file got lost in the depths of the unknown with many others. It wasn’t until recently that I could recover some of them, including “Mad About the Hatter,” by Dakota Chase, one of the best things that have happened to me these days.
The story is pretty simple: Alice’s brother, Henry, is sent to Wonderland and look for the Mad Hatter, and soon, both of them are hunted by the Red Queen’s Red Guards. What they do not expect is to start liking each other, way much more than just friends.
Before anyone says anything, there’s no sex. “Mad About the Hatter” is a sweet story focused on adventure, the dangerous and curious fantasy that fills Wonderland and the relation of all the characters with each other, highlighting the one between Henry and Hatter, of course.
The story is light, interesting, and with Wonderland's glorious, strange enchant, the kind of world that gives the author a full chance to be as creative and crazy as possible. Chase took it greatly, proving to be very imaginative, filled with funny and colorfull ideas, different concepts that, besides entertaining, also teach something valuable to the readers.
I’m more inclined to think that we all
can imagine the real end of this story.
Every page has an adventure on its own, with so many events that sometimes you gt caught in a rush to know what happens next, bitting nails and lips because of the nerves, and other times smiling as an idiot in front of your phone's screen. Henry and Hatter are very human, funny and lovely characters I’d like to see again.
Despite it is a shame that this is a stand-alone story and I would love a sequel, part of its magic is that open ending scene, the perfect fairy tale moment when everything’s perfectly in peace. Some may argue that it doesn’t tell anything about the future, but I’m more inclined to think that we all can imagine the real end of this story.
I have problems with the final scene with the Queen and with the fact that Hatter was named just that, Hatter, with no real name for him. Those were the only two flaws I could see, but since the rest of the book is so good, I can almost forget about the second one; the first… not so much.
By the way, there were so many different environments that made me fall in love with this world that I think I’d even read the book again a couple of times. There are many dangerous as well, but with Hatter as a guide, I know I’d end up pretty much in one piece, just as Henry did.
Many, many thanks to the publisher for sending this copy, and my deepest apologies for taking way too much time to read this book.

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

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