31 enero 2016

PsychoManiac + Candle Castle

Finally! Candle Castle and PsychoManiac are here! You can download the EP for free in Bandcamp, which includes an reading from one of Candle Castle's poems, and starting tomrrow, the book will be free until Friday in Amazon!
¡Finalmente! ¡Candle Castle y PsycoManiac están aquí! Pueden descargar el EP gratuitamente en Bandcamp, el cual incluye una lectura de uno de los poemas de Candle Castle, y empezando mañana, ¡el libro estará gratis hasta el viernes en Amazon!
What will you find in PsychoManiac? A mix between  rock, metal, pop, electronic and indie music. What about Candle Castle? Darker poems, very honest ones, original images and a whole list with all my published books, just in case you don't know them all ;)
¿Qué encontrarán en PsychoManiac? Una mezcla entre música rock, metal, pop, electrónica e independiente. ¿Y Candle Castle? Poemas más oscuros, unos muy honestos, imágenes originales y una lista completa con todos mis libros publicados, solo en caso de que no los conozcan todos ;)
I really hope you like at least one track from the EP and one poem/image from the book, all of you know these are my first steps both in English literature and music, so I did my best in the to of them to bring you the best I could.
Realmente espero que les guste al menos una pista del EP y un poema/imagen del libros, todos saben que estos son mis primeros pasos tanto en literatura en inglés como en música, así que di lo mejor para darles lo mejor que podía.
It's my first time being so honest in my work, so let me know whatever you may think about them!
¡Es mi primera vez siendo tan honesto en mi trabajo, así que déjenme saber lo que sea que piensen al respecto!
Click in the covers to download whichever you want!
¡Hagan clic en las portadas para descargar el que más les guste!
Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

29 enero 2016

Musical Friday: Mashed-up Gaga / Viernes Musical: Gaga en Mash-up

Hello people :) Alan again (who else? duh...)
Hola gente :) Alan de nuevo (¿quién más? duh...)
As every friday, here's some music I hope you like. Today's list is a collection of mash-ups which include Lady Gaga. For those who don't know it, a mash-up is a remix of two or more songs that shuld sound good together.
Como todos los viernes, aquí les traigo un poco de música que espero les guste. La lista de hoy es una lista de mash-ups que incluyen a Lady Gaga. Para quienes no lo conozcan, un mash-up es una remix de dos o más canciones que juntas deberían sonar bien juntas.
I'll also take the chance to say Yes, you're not imagining this. I decided to change the blog's face again. It was like a horror movie because, when I started to try new templates, I totally forgot to save the original one, so I had to find a new one as soon as possible. What do you think about this new image? For me, it's better than the past one, A LOT
También tomaré la oportunidad para decirles que Sí, no están imaginando esto. Decidí cambiar la cara del blog de nuevo. Fue como una película de terror porque, cuando estaba comenzado a probar nuevas plantillas, me olvidé totalmente de guardar la orinal, así que tenía que conseguir una nueva tan pronto como pudiera. ¿Qué opinan de esta nueva imagen? Para mi, es mejor que la anterior, MUCHO.
If you like dark, pop songs, you're gonna LOVE this!
Si les gustan las canciones pop oscuras, ¡AMARÁN esto!
Who said pop and metal cannot be friends?
¿Quién dijo que el pop y el metal no pueden ser amigos?
Not just friends, but BFF!
No solo amigos, ¡sino mejores amigos!
I really love how these two suit almost perfectly!
¡Amo cómo estas dos combinan casi perfectamente!
This should have the prize for Perfect Sex Song.
Esta debería tener el premio a Canción Sexual Perfecta.
If you ever searched for the Pop Anthem, here it is.
Si algunas vez buscaron el Himno del Pop, aquí está.
Darkness, sex, and rythm!
¡Oscuridad, sexo y ritmo!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

28 enero 2016

Do you want to read it in paper? / ¿Quieren leerlo en papel?

Hello guys! What are you doing these days? I'm using my free time to write, read and edit.
¡Hola muchachos! ¿Qué están haciendo estos días? Estoy usando mi tiempo libre para escribir, leer y editar.
Today I wanna ask for a favor to those who like gore novels, demons, adult books and indie authors. If you have one, two, or all these qualities, this is for you!
Hoy quiero pedir un favor a los que gustan de las novelas gore, de demonios, libros para adultos y autores indie. Si tienes una, dos, o todas estas cualidades, ¡esto es para ti!
H. Kramer, author of La Hora Sexta, is asking his readers for help to bring this novel to real 3D life printed. How? Just email him saying "GIVE ME MY FREAKING LHS COPY!" and he'll know you're going to buy it. That's it :3
H. Kramer, autor de La Hora Sexta, está pidiendo a sus lectores algo de ayuda para llevar esta novela a la vida real en 3D en físico. ¿Cómo? Sólo escríbanle un email diciendo "DAME MI P**A COPIA DE LHS!" y él sabrá que la van a comprar. Eso es todo :3
If you wanna see the prices, shipping, know about this book, read his own words abut this, or whatever, feel free to enter Kramer's blog. He's kinda scary sometimes but I promise he's a good guy or that's what he's making us all think.
Si quieren ver los precios, envío, saber acerca de este libro, leer esto en sus propias palabras, o lo que sea, no dude en entrar en el blog de Kramer. Él es un poco de miedo a veces, pero te prometo que es un buen chico o eso es lo que él nos está haciendo pensar a todos.

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

27 enero 2016

“To me it means something pure.” An interview with In Virgo.

Para leer en español, clic aquí.

Nowadays we can found a really big number of rock and metal bands, most of them a shameful mix of sounds and random words they call lyrics, or, in the other case, copied styles without any originality.
Just a few of the new ones which name we see in Internet are worth listening to. Today I want to speak about one of them: In Virgo.
Rock, metal, darkness, and great lyrics are the main elements that create their unique musical style, and considering they’ve released just one album so far (for free download, by the way), anyone who listens it can say they have a very solid sound, an already formed proposal.
As you can imagine, I already have the album, which has become one of my favorites for both music and lyrics. That was the reason that made me search more and have an interview with them.
Hope you like it as much as I liked doing it and give these guys a chance to sound in your ears, you won’t be disappointed.

In Virgo are:
CH - Chris Hodges (vocals)
CE - Chris Egert (guitar)
VC - Vincent Cabagnot (guitar)
DW - David Wright (bass)
1. What made you decide to become a band?
CE - Chris Hodges and I actually met over SoundCloud. I had just split with my last band and was feeling pretty low, but thought I'd make a Soundcloud page and throw some of my demos out there. Within like, an hour, Hodges somehow stumbled across my page and was really into a couple of the demos I posted and offered to do some vocals. He was the first person I connected with... it was such a funny, serendipitous happening, like it was destiny! We met up and became friends pretty quickly, sharing a lot of similar musical influences, passion and drive. The first tracks we worked on were Breaking Apart and Public Enemy, and found that we worked extraordinarily well together.
VC - I came into the band at a certain point of the group's inception and couldn't wait to work with great musicians I respected. Chris and I worked together in another band and it was always a pleasure to play music and hang out together.
DW - Personally, I love the process of collaboration, something always comes from the unexpected when different energies are weighing in on a song, coming at it from different directions, bouncing ideas around. Also, playing out is just too damn fun.

2. Why did you choose "In Virgo" as a name? It's because of the zodiac or does it have any other meaning for you?
CE - Hodges actually came up with the band name. 
CH - To me it means something pure. We started this group to write what we feel, not what’s popular. In Virgo technically means “the untouched virgin”, so maybe it’s my childish nature lashing out… Could be a double meaning.
CE - I just thought it had a memorable ring to it and I could make a great logo out of it!

3. How do you get inspired to write and compose your music?
CH - The lyrics and melodies always write themselves. I’ll listen to a piece of music, zone out for a few hours and come back to reality with a fully written song. Some are harder than others but this seems to be the norm for me.
VC - I love a few genres of music, and I'm continually inspired by so many great musicians and songs. The experiences I've been through also give me song ideas.
DW - For me, inspiration can come from a lot of different mediums: music, nature, art, a conversation, band-mates, friends and not-so-good-friends.  Seeing shows is a big one.  Sometimes a bass line will literally pop into my head.  My favorite is when I'm learning something new, pushing my abilities and a new bass melody, riff, progression pops into my hands, or head. 
CE - I definitely channel a lot of anger, energy and passion into my writing - it's sort of how I process things... so even when I'm not feeling particularly inspired, I'm still writing and working through it. I'm always my best self when I'm writing! Finding inspiration is incredibly important to me. Firstly, I find that I often feel inspired by weird, new sounds and timbres in the studio. Often times, playing around with a new plugin or guitar pedal can trip a switch in my brain and inspire a whole song immediately. Such was the case with 'Breaking Apart', which started with me playing around with a lo-fi guitar pedal and filter, creating a riff that would build up and explode into this huge wall of sound. Another fun way to find inspiration is changing up the recording or writing process in any way that I can. Working with the vast array of samples and synthesizers presented in the modern DAW makes the possibilities feel overwhelming, so setting up certain rules and parameters to work within can often lead to great results, and keep you relatively sane.

4. Some lyrics speak about so much hurt, hatred, are you singing to someone in specific or to yourselves?
CH - I like to write using analogies. A lot of the songs aren’t even about what looks obvious, but some are sitting there in plain sight. My favorite way of writing is under layers of meaning.
VC - I have a few people that directly affected my life that some of the songs could relate to. But those events are in the past, life is such a greater place to be in the present.

5. Is there a story behind this album you'd like to share?
CE - A lot of this album was finding ourselves and finding our sound. It was a really fun process, and a lot of the songs came together very easily and organically. I remember going into the studio with Hodges for the first time to record "Public Enemy", one of our first tracks. From the moment he stepped up to the mic and sang the first chorus, I knew we were on to something amazing!
VC - I love our promos clip outtakes where we flub lines. I could watch those over and over and crack up at our on-screen delivery of a script.

6. What's the Revolution you want to start? And sorry if it's not the concept of this song, but what’s the most important thing to change nowadays?
VC - The Revolution begins within. People need to choose what to believe on their own and not what people tell them they SHOULD believe.
CE - I think people putting down their mobile phones and devices and learning to reconnect with one another on a basic human level. I hate how numb and self-centered technology has made us, and how disconnected we've become as a global society.

7. You say that "The songwriting is front and center always", why did you decide to focus on the lyrics?
CE - I feel like one of my greatest realizations as an instrumentalist and guitar player has been recognizing that the lyrics and vocals are the most important aspect of the music. They connect with the listener simultaneously on a very basic and extremely high level, and drive the emotion of the song. I love catchy riffs and interesting sounds and progressions, but if you strip everything away, the vocals are really what resonate the most.
8. If you should pick one word to describe your music, which would it be? Why?
CE - Massive. I wanted to make the songs on this record sound huge and epic to let the vocal melodies soar.
VC - Primed, Charged? - Detonating! - Because we can't wait to bring it live.
DW - Is grimyemotionalswingheavymetal a word? 

9. Which ones are your favorite bands?
CE - We all have pretty different influences, which kind of meld together to form our unique sound! For me: Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and lots of older industrial, electronic music and metal... but most of that music hasn't aged well and I'm finding myself listening to a lot of really different things these days, even old country and blues music.
VC - Led Zeppelin, White Zombie, Prince, and Queen!
DW - My favorite bands are the ones that have a point of view, something to say.  I'm not a fan of all shred and no heart, you gotta have the heart in there.  Who cares if your look is amazing and you have a perfect stage picture if you're not up there to bleed a little bit.  Today's metal scene seems to me to be just as amazing as all the other epochs of music-it's just that there's so much out there, not everyone is listening to the same 20 bands and saying, "That's fucking amazing and groundbreaking!"  

10. What's your opinion about today's rock and metal music? Do you feel it's better or worse than yesterday?
VC - There are a lot of great bands out there as long as you avoid the mainstream. It's not as great as it used to be since some genres dominate and musicianship is not as valued these days as much as talent shows are. Being contrived is a jackpot for some people.
CH - Ugh… I’m not sure if it’s just me getting older, but I find myself listening to everything BUT rock these days. It seems like every other style of music has learned how to evolve over the past 20 years, but rock hasn’t aged well. It’s like what happened to Blockbuster Video - movie downloading and streaming became the new thing and Blockbuster refused to adapt their business model to the changing times and ended up going bankrupt. That’s how I feel about rock right now. It needs… a Revolution. Metal on the other hand I think is better than ever, with more technique and professionalism. It’s just on a smaller stage now.
CE - I don't think rock will ever die, but it is certainly in a sad state at the moment, with the radio airwaves being dominated by all of this dull, folk-infused indie rock. It's some of the dullest, safest music I've ever heard.
11. Before leaving, if someone asks you two which is your advice to do music, what would you say?
CH - Dedicate time to your profession, be open to change and write from the heart. 
CE - Read everything you can and learn to do everything yourself reasonably well. Get out of your comfort zone and learn different styles outside of your genre. Finally, being a musician is a very poor way to make a living, so do it for the love and passion you have for writing and playing, and don't lose sight of that!
DW - You have to enjoy the process, simple as that. From playing in your home alone and doing your own practice or creative exploration, to collaborating, to recording. You gotta enjoy most of that or at least some parts immensely. Stay inspired, write, play, be critical with yourself. Find a way to focus. What can you do better, what can you express more purely, more from the heart. How does that music radiate out through your vibe, your stage set up, the actual tone of your instrument? 
VC - Practice, stay focused, be honest about what you want to say and listen to your heart and not those who discourage you.

12. When are we going to hear from you guys again? What future plans do you have?
CE - Right now, we are focusing on the live aspect of the band. We've been rehearsing quite a bit and will be playing some shows around the LA area. We are always writing too, and we are currently concepting out some ideas for a follow up album, or maybe just an EP we can release sooner.
DW - Speaking for myself, I'd love to do another EP, or LP, (time permitting/material worthy) this year!
VC - I'm looking forward to working on more music, a new album and the upcoming live shows.

13. Thank you so much for your time, and your music, obviously! We fans will be waiting for your next release!
In Virgo - Thank you so much! It's your support that helps keep independent musicians like us going!

If you want to know them better, click in any of these links, and be sure to enter to their Bandcamp page so you can download their self-titled album.

Greetings and hugs!

¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

26 enero 2016

Iniciativa "Seamos seguidores"

Guys, this will be an entry just in Spanish because it has nothing to do with no-spanish written blogs, but you can always translate it clicking in the flag bar up here ;)

¡Hola chicos! ¿Qué tal?
Hoy viene una entrada cortica, express, muy rápida. Deybelys, del blog Volando entre Libros, acaba de hacer una iniciativa.
Ustedes dejen un comentario en en esta entrada con el link a su blog para yo seguirlos, ustedes me siguen, se llevan el botón que verán abajo para hacer lo mismo y así entre todos nos ayudamos :3
¡Espero sus comentarios!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

Venezuelan reading challenge / Reto de lectura venezolanísimo

Hello guys! Today I wanna share a reading challenge I'm paricipating in and hope you do too ;)
 ¡Hola chicos! Hoy quiero compartirles un reto de lectura en el que estoy participando y espero que ustedes también lo hagan.
It's an idea from Liseth, another venezuelan blogger, and you'll find the link to her site at the end of the entry.
Es una idea de Liseth, otra blogger venezolana, y podrán encontrar el enlace a su página al final de la entrada.

Read books by venezuelan authors (You decide how many, but consider a minimum of 3 books). That in order to promote venezuelan talent to the world.
Leer libros de autores venezolanos (La cantidad la deciden ustedes, pero consideren un mínimo de 3 libros) Esto con el fin de promover el talento venezolano para el resto del mundo.

—Leave  comment in Liseth's blog saying you join the challenge. I would also be great if you leave your blog's link (if you have one) to make a list of participants.
—If you want to create a blog entry to promote the challenge, you'll help a lot; although it's not mandatory.
—You can announce the challenge in social networks with the label #RetoVenezolanisimo. Also it would be terrific if, with that label, you coment your progress with the challenge, and you recommend the books you're reading and you like (I will).
Deja un comentario en el blog de Liseth diciendo que te unes. Estaría genial que dejaras el link de tu blog (si es que tienes uno) para hacer una lista de participantes.
—Si tienes blog y quieres crear alguna entrada para promocionar el desafío, ayudarías muchísimo; aunque no es obligatorio.
—Puedes anunciar el desafío en las redes sociales con la etiqueta #RetoVenezolanisimo. Además estaría buenísimo que con esa etiqueta también nos comentes tu progreso con el reto, y recomiendes los libros que vas leyendo y te gusten (Yo lo haré).

Duration: All 2016
Duración: Todo el año 2016

Since we're often not well known outside our country, Liseth created a list so you can get several names in one place :D
Como no solemos ser muy conocidos fuera de nuestro país, Liseth creó una lista para que pueden conseguir varios nombres en un solo lugar :D

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

25 enero 2016

The Candle Castle is here!

Today I have BIG NEWS. I've already upoaded to Amazon my first book in English *HURRAY*
This book of poems is Candle Castle, and it represents a huge part of myself: darkness, silence, magic, pain, self-destruction, desire, pleasure,... I really put a part of myself in it, trying to be the most honest I could about some things that bothered me in the moment of its' writing.
Some of you, the ones that I hold closer to me, that I was hearth-breaked, in I'm still in part. It doesn't mean you'll find a collection of just dark, heart breaking poems, you'll see more than that, trust me, 'cause if there's a form of writing that let me be the most honest person I can be, is poetry.
My stories are my ideas, my thoughts, but my poetry is a very inner part of myself, part of my secret world, and with Candle Castle I opened the door as never before.
I feel really happy with the final result, like it's the best thing I've written so far, and I thing that it is, by now.
This is my balance between love and hate, light and darkness, life and death. It's the balance between the two sides all humans have inside: the angel and the demon, the untouchable and the wounded. For me, a Candle Castle represents something, but before saying it here (or somewhere else... who knows *wink*), I want to hear it from you. Before, during, or after reading this, what do you think a Candle Castle is? I really want to know!
I have nothing else to say but thank you, thanks to all those people that kept me breathing day by day, that helped me once, twice, twenty times, and that inner me that made me realiza I was more that what I thought and that pain's part of life.
To go to its' Amazon page, click on the omg-desh cover!
Greetings and hugs!

22 enero 2016

Dark Musical Friday / Viernes Musical Oscuro

Hello readers :3 IT'S FRIDAY! (Ok, I finished college already so all my days are Friday xD).
Hola lectores :3 ¡ES VIERNES! (Ok, ya terminé la universidad así que todos mis días son viernes xD).
It's been a long time with no music here in the blog, so I thought it will be a good option to bring you some songs I've been enjoying lately, kinda dark ones, but great all of them. Hope you like at least one!
Ha sido un largo tiempo sin música aquí en el blog, así que pensé que será una buena opción traerles algunas canciones que he estado disfrutando últimamente, puede que un poco oscuras, pero buenísimas todas. ¡Espero que les guste al menos una!

Paint it, Black — Ciara
A creepy anthem to embrace your inner darkness. I think I... FREAKING LOVE IT!
Un himno tétrico para abrazar tu oscuridad interna. Creo que... ¡LO AMO!

Deep Six — Marilyn Manson
I think this is one of my favorites of this man, one of his best creations.
Creo que esta es una de mis favoritas de este hombre, una de sus mejores creaciones.

Third Dar of a Seven Day Binge — Marilyn Manson
Another one by Manson. It doesn't have THE LYRICS, but the slow pace is very evocative, kinda romantic, isn't it?
Otra de Manson. No tiene LA LETRA, pero el ritmo lento es muy evocador, un poco romántico, ¿no?

Everybody Wants to Rule the World — Lorde
Slow pace again, sinister, but very artistic at the same time.
Ritmo lento de nuevo, siniestro, pero muy artístico al mismo tiempo.

Princess Die — Lady Gaga
My queen, my idol, perfection itself. I don't even know if this is an official version, but I love it anyway!
Mi reine, mi ídolo, la perfección misma. Ni siquiera sé si esta es una versión oficial, ¡pero igualmente me encanta!

Well, this is it for this week, guys. Hope you have a great weekend and see you on Monday ;D
Bueno, esto es todo por esta semana, chicos. Espero tengan un buen fin de semana y nos vemos el lunes ;D

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

21 enero 2016

New image! / ¡Nueva imagen!

Hello people! How's behaving that life?
¡Hola gente! ¿Cómo se comporta esa vida?
This is a quick entry to let you know that, as always, as I like to make some changes to the blog image, this time I did a little one. If you remember, the header used to look like this:
Esta es una entrada breve para hacerles saber que, como siempre, ya que me gusta cambiar la imagen del blog, esta vez hice uno pequeño. Si recuerdan, la cabecera solía verse así:
But since I already work as a journalist, I wanted to include that face of my life in the blog, and also keep my promise to practice English, so I wrote to my exclusive, personal designer and told him what I wanted, and this is the result!
Pero ya que estoy trabajando como periodista, quería incluir esta cara de mi vida en el blog, y también mantener mi promesa de practicar inglés, así que le escribí a mi diseñador exclusivo y personal, le dije lo que quería, ¡y este es el resultado!
If you wanna stalk my friend, here are his social links!
Si quieren acosar a mi amigo, ¡aquí sus enlaces!

Search for this image in FB
Busquen esta imagen en FB


¡Un saludo y un abrazo!
Greetings and hugs!

20 enero 2016

PhycoManiac Ep

Hello Blogspot :3
Hola Blogspot :3
Remember I told you about a musical project? Well, here it is.
¿Recuerdan que les hablé de un proyecto musical? Bueno, aquí está.
I've been using an app in my cell meant to do some music, as  DJ, and I think that I have enough material for an EP.
He estado usando una aplicación en mi celular para hacer un poco de música, como DJ, y creo que tengo suficiente material para un EP.
I've always enjoied pop and dance music, then discovered metal, liked a little bit more of rock, and more recently, electronic. Also, I have a love-hate relatinship with acustic music. I decided to mix all of this, try to make it suit all together as a whole thing, and that was how the PhysoManiac EP came to life!
Siempre he disfrutado la música pop y dance, luego descubrí el metal, me gustó un poco más el rock, y más recientemente, la electrónica. Además, tengo una relación de amor-odio con la música acústica. Decidí mezclar todo esto, tratar de hacerlo combinar todo junto como una una sola cosa, ¡y así fue como el PhysoManiac EP llegó a la vida!
Maybe it's not the best thing ever, not the next top downloaded, but for me it's a very special creation. I need to improve many, MANY things, but I think that it's good enough to start.
Tal vez no es lo mejor del mundo, no un record en descargas, pero para mí es una creación muy especial. Tengo que mejorar muchas, MUCHAS cosas, pero creo que es lo suficientemente bueno para empezar.
And here's a little secret: it has more than just music in it ;)
Y aquí les va un pequeño secreto: tiene más que solo música ;)

¡Un saludo y un abrazo!
Greetings and hugs!

19 enero 2016

Congrats, Moruena! ¡Felicitaciones, Moruena!

Hello people, how are you?
Hola gente, ¿qué tal están?
I've just woke up, checked my Facebook and found a wonderful surprise.
Me acabo de despertar, chequeé mi Facebook y me conseguí con una maravillosa sorpresa.
Some of you will remember a certain name, Moruena Estríngana, the first author I interviewed and the topic in one of my specials. Which was the surprise? That her very first novel, El Círculo Perfecto, is going to be published again, corrected, extented and with an amazing design, just check it out!
Algunos de ustedes recordarán cierto nombre, Moruena Estríngana, la primera autora que entrevisté y el tema en una de mis especiales. ¿Cuál fue la sorpresa? Que su primera novela, El Círculo Perfecto, va a ser publicado de nuevo, corregida, ampliada y con un diseño impresionante, ¡sólo echen un vistazo!
I feel so happy for her that I just wanted to share the news with you guys, and hope you give yourselves a chance to read her novels. You won't be disappointed!
Me siento tan feliz por ella que quería compartir la noticia con ustedes, y espero que se den la oportunidad de leer sus novelas. ¡No quedarán decepcionados!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

17 enero 2016

Book tag: Siete cosas sobre libros. / Seven things about books.

Hola gente, ¿qué tal les va? Yo ando con mi último semestre (como ya todos deben saber) y leyendo como un idiota (libro semanal, más o menos jejeje). Desde hace unos días que no pasaba por el blog, pero recordé que tengo un tag pendiente de Hoream Barrio y decidí hacerlo por fin :3

Siete libros que quieras leer antes de morir / Seven books to read before death.
1 Casi toda la biblioteca de Anne Rice / Almost all from Anne Rice.
2 Los libros de La Hora Sexta de H. Kramer / La Hora Sexta books from H. Kramer.
3 TODO de Laura Gallego García / EVERYTHING from Laura Gallego García.
4 Los cuentos y poemas de Poe / Tales and poems by Poe
5 Los 120 días de Sodoma, del Marqués de Sade / The 120 Days of Sodom, by Marquis de Sade.
6. Varias sagas de magia, vampiros y brujas / Many series of magic, vamps and witches.
7. La saga Casa de la Noche, de P. C. Cast y Kristin Cast / The House of the Night by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

Siete frases o citas de libros / Seven phrases or qutes from books.
“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." Stephenie Meyer, Twilight.
“I like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars.” Stephenie Meyer, Twilight
“Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good.” P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast, Betrayed.
4“You know how it is with cats: They don’t really have owners, they have staff.” P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast, Chosen.
5 "I know what it's like to fuck up big time and have people told is agaisnt you forever." P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast, Chosen.
“A real friend tells you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it.” Autumn Kalquist, Legacy Code.
"We try to count but lose our place / And shiver / Not because it is cold / But because we are afraid of falling." Emilie Autumn, Space, Your Sugar Sits Untouched.

Siete personajes masculinos que te gusten / Seven male characters you like.
1. Edward Cullen, (Twilight, Stephenie Meyer).
2. Erik Night (The House of Night, P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast).
3. Damien Maslin (The House of Night, P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast).
4. Shay Doran (Nightshade, Andrea Cremer).
5. Lend Pirello, (Paranormalcy, Kiersten White).
6. Julio, (Un Inesperado Amor, Kassfinol).
7. Michael Cury (Lives of the Mayfair Witches, Anne Rice).

Siete personajes que quieras matar.
1. Todos los de Marginado, por Marcos Llemes / Everyone, from Marginado, by Marcos Llemes.
2. Caín, de La Hora Sexta, de H. Kramer / Caín, from La Hora Sexta, by H. Kramer.
3. Reth, de Paranormal, por Kiersten White / Reth, from Paranormalcy, by Kiersten White.
4. Neferet, de La Casa de la Noche, por P.C. Cast y Kristin Cast / Neferent, from The House of the Night, by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.
5 + 6. Linda y John Heffer, de La Casa de la Noche, por P.C. Cast y Kristin Cast / Linda and John Heffer, from The House of the Night, by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

Siete cosas que odio en los libros / Seven things I hate in books.
1. Los triángulos amorosos (Demasiado cliché) / Loving triangles (very cliché)
2. Que la protagonista sea la elegida todopoderosa que todo lo puede y que siempre salva el día (Wonderwoman x1000, otro ciché). / A female protagonist that is the Almighty Chosen One who can do everything and always saves the day (x1000 Wonderwoman x1000, another cliché).
3. Que las brujas no den la talla / Witches that doesn't have it.
4. Que el amor entre los protagonistas sea la clave de todo. / That the love between the protagnists is the key to everything.
5. Los personajes vacíos, que solo están por estar / The empty characters, those who are there just because reasons.
6. Diálogos poco creíbles, exagerados o mal elaborados. / Not credible dialogues,
7. Portadas de tercera / Third quality covers.

Siete escritores. / Seven writers.
1 Edgar Allan Poe.
2 Laura Gallego García.
3 Bram Stoker.
4 Natalia Hatt.
5 Kassfinol.
6 Stephenie Meyer.
7 Autumn Kalquist.

Siete personas que quieras etiquetar / Seven people you want to tag.
1. Judith Ruiz.
2. Jerry Herrera.
3. Lily Aceved.
4. H. Kramer.
5. Andrea Lujano.
6. Ana Valecillos.
7. Elaine Virginia.

¡Un saludo y un abrazo!
Greetings and hugs!

16 enero 2016


Hello blogspooooooooooooooooooot!
¡Hola blogspooooooooooooooooooot!
How was that New Year party? What plans do you have right now for this year, 2016?
¿Cómo estuvo esa fiesta de fin de año? ¿Qué planes tienen para este año 2016?
I know I've disappeared for a long time but it's because, as some of you may know, I work as corrector for some authors here in Venezuela, and more recently, as translator. In short: I've been really, really busy these days.
Sé que estuve desaparecido por mucho tiempo, pero es porque, como algunos sabrán, trabajo como corrector para algunas autoras aquí en Venezuela, y más recientemente, como traductor. En resumen, he estado muy, muy ocupado.
One of my goals for this year's to complete ALL those unfinished stories I'm writing in Wattpad, but not including those I'm re-writing or the paused. These are another case because I think they need more time to evolve and have a better result.
Uno de mis objetivos para este año es completar TODAS esas historias inconclusas que estoy escribiendo en Wattpad, pero no incluyendo esas que estoy reescribiendo o que están en pausa. Estas son otro caso porque creo que necesitan más tiempo para evolucionar y tener un mejor resultado.
Another goal is to practice my English. I really enjoyed translating, but I realized I was losing it, so by now on, all the entries will be first written in English and then I'll do the Spanish part (yep, that 's why it's now the blue part.) You may notice my entries will turn simpler, but it's because of the lack of practice, so give some time and you'll read me as always ;)
Otro objetivo es practicar mi inglés. Me gustó mucho traducir, pero me di cuenta de que estaba perdiéndolo, así que por ahora en adelante, todas las entradas serán primero escritas en inglés y luego haré la parte en español (sí, por eso es ahora la parte azul). Podrán notar que mis entradas se volverán más simples, pero es debido a la falta de práctica, así que denme un poco de tiempo y me leerán como siempre ;)
I feel, right now that I finished college, I could have spent better my time doing what I love (writing, duh), so my number one thing to do this 2016 is to write, but not the most I can. I've learned that more doesn't always mean better, so while not spending all my time writing, I'll make sure to enjoy the whole process from beggining to the end.
Siento que, ahora que terminé la universidad, podría haber invertido mejor mi tiempo haciendo lo que amo (escribir, duh), así que lo número uno para hacer este 2016 es escribir, pero no lo más que pueda. Aprendí que más no siempre significa mejor, así que aunque no pase todo mi tiempo escribiendo, me aseguraré de disfrutar del proceso desde el inicio hasta el final.
Also, music has been a very important part of my life for a very long time, and I wish I could lear to play piano or how to sing properly, but I have one or two surprises for you about it, give me some days so have ready all the details to let you know!
Además, la música ha sido una parte muy importante de mi vida durante mucho tiempo, y me gustaría poder aprender a tocar el piano o cómo cantar correctamente, pero tengo una o dos sorpresas para ustedes al respecto, ¡denme algunos días para tener listos todos los detalles para hacerle saber!
By now, this is all I have to say, but wait for big things this year. I will for sure ;)
Por ahora, es todo lo que tengo para decir, pero esperen grandes cosas este año. Yo lo haré ;)

¡Un saludo y un abrazo!
Greetings and hugs!