28 marzo 2016

Joint reading in progress! / ¡Lectura conjunta en progreso!

Hello people!
¡Hola gente!
First things first...
Antes que nada...
It really excited me to see all those who have signed the joint reading for La Hija de Bóreas. You know that that is the most personal of all my books so far, so I'm kind of anxious to know what it loks to you, what do you think each, although I already know some and I have a little idea (ahem, Nefi, ahem).
De verdad me ha emocionado ver a todos los que se han apuntado a la lectura conjunta para La Hija de Bóreas. Ya saben que es el más personal de todos mis libros hasta ahora, así que estoy algo ansioso por saber qué tal les parece, qué opina cada uno, aunque conociendo a algunos ya me hago algunas ideas (ejem, Nefi, ejem).
I was reading your posts and really excited me with every single (no exaggeration). I was taking note of what you said to do it better the next time I organize a joint reading, I still feel newbie with some things and this is my first time (without double meaning, por favor.)
Estuve leyendo sus entradas y realmente me emocioné con todas y cada una (sin exagerar). Estuve tomando nota de lo que decían para poder hacer algo mejor la próxima vez que organice una lectura conjunta, aún me siento novato con algunas cosas y esta es mi primera vez (sin malpensar, please).

MonTse (Amor Y Palabra)
Kramer (La Hora Sexta)
Bárbara (Being a Book)

Many gracias for joining! As more entries are posted, other bloggers join, etc etc etc, I'll  post mre entries to get to know each other and, also, anyone who watches your blogs will spent quite a long while reading them, you now have a new follower!
¡Muchas thank you por animarse! A medida que se publiquen más entradas, se unan otros bloggers, etc etc etc, estaré subiendo más entradas para que se conozcan entre así, además, cualquiera que mire sus blogs se va a quedar un buen rato leyéndolos, ¡ya se ganaron un seguidor más!
For those that haven't joined yet, I hope you give us an opportunity to the novel and me, there's much love in everything I wrote and I hope soon to continue this saga, so nothing, have to wait ;)
Para quienes aún no se unen, espero nos den una oportunidad a la novela y a mí, hay mucho cariño en todo lo que escribí y espero pronto seguir con esta saga, así que nada, toca esperar ;)
Today I sin of unpunctual on Wattpad, I had some problems with the computer and couldn't keep writing, but tomorrow for sure you'll have the third chapter of Perfecta Maldición. Keep tuned, because I told you this 2016 many things will come, and so will be;)
Hoy peco de impuntual en Wattpad, tuve algunos problemas con la computadora y no pude seguir escribiendo, pero mañana con seguridad tendrán el tercer capítulo de Perfecta Maldición. Atentos porque este 2016 les dije que vendrían muchas cosas, y así va a ser ;)

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

23 marzo 2016

The Tarot Café: First Book

Hi guys! How's everything going in that life?
¡Hola chicos! ¿Cómo va todo en esa vida?
I know I've been dissapeared but as you already know, was for a good reason. Didn't you join the joint reading yet? I wanna see those names in my mail, so do it!
Sé que he estado desparecido últimamente, pero como ya saben, fue por una buena razón. ¿No se unieron a la lectura conjunta? Quiero ver esos nombres en mi correo, ¡así que háganlo!
Lately I've been reading many mangas and comics, so I'll be posting many reviews and more often than before; let's begin with the first one! :D
Últimamente he leído muchos mangas y cómics, así que estaré publicando más reseñas que antes y más a menudo; ¡empecemos con el primero! :D 

Read it in Spanish here.
Leer en español aquí.

Get a blender, mix divination with the Tarot cards, immortality, paranormal genre and A LOT of magic creatures, decorate it with some gothic drawing, some action, and you’ll get the first manhwa I read: The Tarot Café. To make it clear: Manhwas are the comics/mangas from South Korea.
We’re gonna meet Pamela, an immortal psychic that uses the cards to discover the past, present and future of her clients, those who enter to her café, most of them magical creatures: speaking cats, vampires, fairies, alchemists, and some humans too.
As usual, they have the B&W style, not even a grey scale. I’ve never liked it so   much, but with the style of the art and the story, I think it was the best option. It has that strange, old air that feels fresh at the same time.
The first story, “A Wish-Fulfilling Cat,” was very entertaining, creative, and introduced Pamela very well, the way the story will be performed; I don’t know how, but it had a charming that couldn’t be denied and make you keep reading until the end.
I felt as if the characters wanted more space to tell their story, as if some scenes were erased so it used less pages, and it’s a shame because it would have been a wonderful experience to get to know them deeper.
The second story, “Eternal Beauty,” was better than that, if you like dark stories. Darker, more romantic, more gothic, with a stronger plotline and better constructed characters. Tragic and sweet at the same time, with a fastest pace; I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone told me it was based in a XIX century romance.
This time, the space was enough and I enjoyed so much it became my second favorite story; very well created, developed and with human characters. You could even feel their pain passing the pages!
The third, “A Fairy,” was a great contemporary retelling of Cinderella’s story, very funny, I should say, and entertaining as well. I didn’t like it as much as the second because of the chick-lit tone it had, but it’s versatility where a writer’s greatness resides.
At this point, it becomes crystal clear we’re in front of an anthology-story book; think in a darker, gothic version of AHS without the blood and the sex, something less commercial and much more artistic.
The fourth and final story’s my favorite, “A Heartless Princess, an Alchemist and a Jester (Part I)” It had everything a gothic love story should have and even more. It was pleasant to read it and I’d do it again with no doubt!
The medieval touch and the contrast with the actual world was a great part. Despite the author doesn’t explore the alchemy as we’d have liked, she deepens about the two primal human feelings, how they work and how they can change a person faster than you can imagine: Love and Hate.
Each one of them touches a different theme that we all like: not corresponded love, immortality, kindness and what is it really a true love. They way Sang-Sun Park uses them is really original, beautiful and very poetic, if you think more about it.
When it comes to the graphics, I’d say they weren’t of my likes, but, once you get deep in the plots and its characters, it doesn’t really bother you, and if you like it, you’ll love it even more because it’s very stylized with a lot of care in every line.
As for the reading in general, is very fast, you can easily start and finishing it in the same day; I did so, and whoever my like Poe’s creations, will feel the same about it, maybe in a weaker way for the “pink scenes”, but like it anyway.

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

20 marzo 2016

New joint reading! ¡Nueva lectura conjunta!

Hi guys! I was really missing last week, I know, I couldn't even publish on Friday, but I have good excuses!
¡Hola chicos! Estuve muy desaparecido la semana pasada, lo sé, ni siquiera pude publicar el viernes, ¡pero tengo buenas excusas!
 It happens that my mother was traveling in U.S.A. Guess who was in charge of the house? The idot who is writing, exactly. Cooking, washing dishes, being aware of every little thing while she was on the other side of the continent... It gets you tired,  A LOT, I didn't even had forces to write on the blog...
Pasa que mi madre fue de viaje a E.E.U.U. ¿Adivinan quién estuvo a cargo de la casa? El pendejo que les está escribiendo, exacto. Cocinar, lavar los platos, estar pendiente de cada cosita mientras ella estaba del otro lado del continente... Cansa, MUCHO, no me quedaban casi fuerzas para escribir en el blog...
Another reason is that I got a job in the communications field, this time with payment (YAY!) And although it's not remotely close to being a dream, at least it will give me eating for a while, so anyway, let's to hold it.
Otra razón es que conseguí trabajo en el campo comunicacional, esta vez con paga (¡YAY!) y aunque no está remotamente cerca de ser un sueño, al menos me dará de comer por un tiempo, así que ni modo, a aguantarse.
I take my new freedom to announce I'll be organizing a new joint reading, this time from one of my books and the 7th anniversary of the blog. It will be La Hija de Bóreas, my favorite of all I've written so far!
Quiero aprovechar mi nueva libertad para anunciarles que estaré organizando una nueva lectura conjunta, esta vez de uno de mis libros y por el 7° aniversario del blog. Será con La Hija de Bóreas, ¡mi favorito de todos los que he sacado hasta ahora!

Registration: From 22/03 to 22/04
How? Send an email to alandd1995@gmail.com with links to your blog and / or Goodreads.
Sending personalized books: 22-23 / 04
To make the review period: From 24/04 to 30/04
100% HONEST REVIEW  and with a base (neither "I liked it just because," nor "I hated it just because").
Mandatory entries: One to announce the reading in your blogs AFTER I confirmed you you're in, and one fr the review.

Inscripción: Desde el 22/03 hasta el 22/04
¿Cómo? Enviar un correo a alandd1995@gmail.com con los enlaces a su blog y/o Goodreads.
Envío de libros personalizados: 22-23/04
Periodo para hacer la reseña: Desde el 24/04 hasta el 30/04
RESEÑA HONESTA 100% y con base (nada de "me gustó porque sí", "lo odié porque sí").
Entradas obligatorias: Anunciar la lectura en sus blogs LUEGO de que les confirme que están dentro, y la reseña.

Limit of participants? None. Anyone who wants can come with these conditions :D Two mandatory entries, and one of them should be the review, any other one will be welcomes: opinions, your progress, quotes you wanna share, typing errors to correct in future editions, etc. .
¿Límite de participantes? No hay. Todo el que quiera puede entrar con esas condiciones :D Dos entradas y una de ellas debe ser la reseña, cualquier otra que quieran hacer es bienvenida: opiniones, sus progresos, citas que quieran compartir, errores de tipeo para corregir en futuras ediciones, etc.
It's validate to show both bad and good things AS LONG you are honest and know why you say it. And for anyone who wants some publicity, can send me entries as they are published so I can leave the links in the blog :D
Se vale mostrar tanto lo malo como lo bueno SIEMPRE Y CUANDO sean honestos y sepan por qué lo dicen. Y para quien quiera un poco de publicidad, me puede enviar las entradas a medida que salgan y así dejo los enlaces en el blog :D
Below I leave the image so that anyone who can include it in the blog, and obviously participants must use AT LEAST in the first entry.
Aquí abajo les dejo la imagen para que cualquiera que quiera la incluya en su blog, y obviamente los participantes deben usarla AL MENOS en la primera entrada.

To compensate for the lack of entries, I'll let the new chapter of Perfecta Maldición already published, plus I'm already preparing new entries to recover the lost time. Remember me comment on the story!
Para compensar la falta de entradas, les dejaré el nuevo capítulo de Perfecta Maldición ya publicado, además de que estoy preparando ya unas nuevas entradas para recuperar el tiempo perdido. ¡Recuerden dejarme sus comentarios sobre la historia!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

14 marzo 2016

New books! / ¡Nuevos libros!

Hi guys!
¡Hola chicos!
I'm around to give a simple entry to let you know there are three new books on sale, and T'm quoted in one of them!
Pasaba a dejarles una entrada sencilla para avisarles que hay tres libros nuevos a la venta, ¡y soy citado en uno de ellos!
The first one is Oh My Gothess, by Lucía Arca. This is her first realistic novel, which I support 100% Think I'm a liar? Look at this:
El primero es Oh My Gothess, de Lucía Arca. Su primera novela realista y la cual apoyo al 100% El que no me crea puede ver esto:


What are you waiting for to have the book even AMAZON has bullied? ¿Qué esperan para tener el libro al que incluso AMAZON le hace bullying?
Any question, make it to its author :D Down here are two booktrailers made to pormote it, hope you like them!
Cualquier pregunta, hacérsela a la autora :D Les dejo más abajo los dos booktrailers que han salido hasta ahora, ¡espero les gusten!
The second one's a book with a cover made by ME! It's the second book in the bilogy Princesas Inmortales (Immortal Princesses, just in spanish by now.) By the way, this bilogy is a spin-off from the Serie Invocación (Summoning Series.) I'd say you'd read it AFTER the series, trust me.
¡El segundo es un libro con una portada hecha por MÍ! Es el segundo libro de la bilogía Princesas Inmortales. Por cierto, esta bilogía es un spin-off de la Serie Invocación. Diría que deben leerla LUEGO de la serie, créanme.

Also from Kassfinol, ANOTHER BOOK WITH MY COVER. This is the Serie Invocación WHOLE Invocation Series in a single volume at a ridiculous price (we're talking about three long books and two short.)
También de Kassfinol, OTRO LIBRO CON MI PORTADA. Se trata de TODA la Serie Invocación en un único tomo a un precio ridículo (estamos hablando de tres libros largos y dos cortos.)

Remember that, as every week, you have a new chapter in my Wattpad's account. Now, it's the turn of Paz to show you her not so heavenly life in Perfecta Maldición. Remember also this: whichever story you think you may like, name it and I'll translate it as soon as it ends!
Recuerden que, como todas las semanas, tienen un nuevo capítulo en mi cuenta de Wattpad. Ahora es el turno de Paz de mostrarles su no tan celestial vida in Perfecta Maldición.

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

12 marzo 2016

The Thirteenth Tale: Gothic Mystery to read and see.

Click here to read in Spanish.
Clic aquí para leer en español.

Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Anne Rice, Bram Stoker… Those are the names that resonate immediately in the mind when someone says “gothic literature.” It is not difficult to guess why.
Right now there’s an infinity of paranormal and/or dark stories, a try to bring the gothic genre to the youth, comics with mysterious characters full of magic, sinister movies, but hardly anything has been made from scratch in any of this fields, a new proposal completely original.
Among s many books, it is difficult to know what is new and what is more of what we already know, what is a novelty and what is a classic verging tired. The Thirteenth Tale, the result of five years of work by Diane Setterfield, dances between both sides.
The Book
The story opens with Margaret Lea, a woman that’s disappointed of life and in love with old books, which are her only friends, and memories that come to life when reading, reviewing past lives as her personal obsession.
Margaret suddenly receives a letter from Vida Winter, the most successful English writer and one of the most sold and read worldwide, one idolized woman by many readers and publishers, but hated in some way by newspapers, to who never she’s revealed the story of her life before becoming a writer.
However, this letter impacts our protagonist because Miss Winter promises to tell solely to her, but on her own terms: Do not interrupt, do not ask anything, and let her tell all at her own pace, not wanting to overtake it in terms of acts.
Henceforth, she’ll let her know, and in great detail, the lives of the Angelfield twins, the mansion where they live, their family, the servants, and the ghost who lives with everyone, a story of gothic mystery that Vida Winter has kept under the most absolute secrecy.
I will not risk saying anything more because the book’s really worth it, although arguably there are some gaps in the narrative. The main idea, the leitmotif of all and the double story that unfolds between the past and the present is really original, full of beauty and drama.
However, the story becomes quite boring and even linear on more than one occasion. It’s always good to give a background to the secondary characters, to really know where they are from, what they want to do in the reading and why of their actions, but when they’re put before the main story, the real reason for the reading, the reader is misfit.
Continuing with the characters, I say yes, they are very different from each other, but there comes a point where it seems that everyone takes the same form of speaking, acting, thinking, among other things. It seems that many different personalities exhausted the author and she ended up taking an output power, not very noticeable if read carelessly, but evident paying sufficient attention.
As for the gaps I mentioned, they are not very frequent, but I could see two or three of them in key parts of the story, certain gaps I think Setterfield should have taken better care of rather than pay attention to many other capes not very important. It's good some mystery, but those that are in the book are not very favorable.
Margaret and Miss Winter are so potential and different characters from what we’re used to seeing it hurts to see them relegated to a secondary level for almost the entire book, also it happens to the twins, who come and go throughout the narrative. For traditionalists readers, a disaster, for those looking for something new, interesting, and for those who are like me, people in the middle, it’s a bittersweet taste.
The plot’s touched topics are already very repetitive, but an interesting way, however, I don’t think "original" is the right word. Death, inferiority complex, dysfunctional families, mental imbalance, and self-destruction are already used themes, and although The Thirteenth Tale tries to reinvent them, it stays halfway.
The only thing that really stood out was the love for books, as certain scenes and views regarding stories, tales, famous novels, among other things, made the reader think, facing a dilemma and show an underexplored side before. Well there because reinvention isn’t easy to achieve, much less in a first work.
The Movie
Adaptations, and I won’t get tired of saying it, are not always loyal, but in this one in particular SO MANY things changed that it surprised me when comparing both versions.
It all starts with Margaret Lea on her way to meet Miss Winter, and the viewer has no idea what happened before, why did she chose her precisely. Hey simply show a scene with the most essential, as to get away with trouble, and it's over, we started with the actual plot.
Vida Winter is VERY FAR from Diane Setterfield’s original character. Her anguish, fear, loneliness, despair showing in her first scene in the book, it is simply replaced by a falser than a pirated disc arrogance. Vanessa Redgrave's face is very similar to what I imagined for this role, but the performance and changes doesn’t really make justice to the character in the book, especially the color of her eyes, something that impacts Margaret at first. Was it very difficult to buy some contact lenses?
Olivia Colman was another face that struck me. Margaret Lea is not a girl or anything near, but I think they added her years in a very unnecessary way with a high school girl’s attitude. Sure disaster, despite her few scenes of maturity.
Before going further, I think I should talk about the girls, the twins I’ve already mentioned and will keep mentioning. For girls, I was quite surprised by those papers; girls really seemed as described in the book despite the insufferable changes in adaptation. They made me shiver more than, and when it comes to their more teenager, they earned my respect: faithful, original, just how I imagined that as he read.
Emmeline and Adeline are not particularly easy to portray characters, and to be both in charge of Madeleine Power was a very well worked risk. The same happens with their grown up versions. The difference between them is perfectly seen in the moment of the truth.
The photography is a meddle term that bothers me. It was a safe bet to show what was needed and little more, without betting on a different lighting, brighter colors or perhaps plans to give a more interesting scenes look. One point that I think could have resulted strong by risk taking. Bittersweet again.
Music? There’s neither here, or at least I don’t remember a scene full of something different to home-like sounds, those you’re waiting to hear: the house keys, car engines, steps, etc. In this case it was a wise move, because not in vain is a slow film and requires close attention. It would have been nice to include a song or two, but more than one will agree that this result’s quite acceptable.
As for the costumes, it’s another safe bet, and the same changes made to Vida Winter’s character, the colorful costumes and jewelry she usually wears were not seen. It’s rather simple all together, something not very prepared simply to cover the basics, give a simple aesthetic o the entire cast. Sad.
If there’s something positive of this movie so scared of innovation, is the recreation of the stage. The library wasn’t very accurate, but it’s pretty close to the image that the author intended to create in her novel.
The same applies to the Angelfield mansion. It exceeded the image the book created me, it really made me see otherwise the twin and servitude’s house, in addition to their appearance in both the present and the past is exactly as it should be. Had an impeccable job, I'd say.
Are they worth it?
The book, yes, quite yes. It has its details and some missteps, but to be the first work of a writer, I think it's pretty good. Yes, it was slow for me, yes, I doubt I’ll read it again, but to kill time, entertain yourself and start thinking and discussing with a friend, is a very good choice. May it even inspire someone, something I say from experience.
The film, hardly. Doesn’t meet expectations, changes are too stressful, many things were a safe bet and I think, of having opted for a TV series, more faithful and cared of, they would have reached a much better result. It can entertain the one who sees it, it’s a good way to kill time in the absence of much better choices, but you’d neither should be filled with hope.
Remember that, as every week, you have a new chapter in my Wattpad's account. Amelia's story is over, but the end is not what you except, so give it a look and tell me what do you think!
Recuerden que, como todas las semanas, tienen un nuevo capítulo en mi cuenta de Wattpad. La historia de Amelia se terminó, pero el final no es lo que esperan. ¡Denle una mirada y díganme qué piensan!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

11 marzo 2016

Musical Friday / Viernes Musical: Tokio Hotel

Una de las mejores cosas que llegaron
de Alemania después la hamburguesa.

Hi guys! It's Friday again, which means more music for the blog :D
¡Hola chicos! De nuevo es viernes, lo que significa más música para el blog :D
I must admit this is becoming one of my favorite sections, and I hope to think you like to as well :) For this week I planned to show some songs from one of my favorite bands: Tokio Hotel.
Debo admitir que esta se está volviendo una de mis secciones favoritas, y espero que a ustedes también les guste :) Para esta semana tenía planeado mostrarles algunas canciones de una de mis bandas favoritas: Tokio Hotel.
I know it won't be to everyone's liking, but lately I keep listening them, especially the songs from their album Humanoid. Some I like more in German than in English, so that at least there will be variety in languages! xD
Sé que no será del agrado de todos, pero últimamente no dejo de escucharlos, especialmente las canciones de su disco Humanoid. Algunas me gustan más en alemán que en inglés, ¡así que al menos habrá variedad en idiomas! xD
Hope you find something cool here, and remember, any comment or suggestion will be well received!
Espero que encuentren algo fresco aquí, y recuerden, ¡cualquier comentario o sugerencia será bien recibida!

I really like more Komm than Noise.
Realmente me gusta más Komm que Noise.

Same happens with Träumer, a better version of Love and Death.
Lo mismo pasa con Träumer, una mejor versión de Love and Death.

Let's just FEEL IT ALL!

Kinda twister tongue, but Automatisch rocks more than Automatic!
Más a menos un trabalenguas, ¡pero Automatisch es mejor que Automatic!

Let's get a little emo with Tokio and Kerli.
Pongámonos un poco emo con Tokio y Kerli.

I don't know, but there's somehing magical in this song!
No sé, ¡pero hay algo mágico en esta canción!

I'll travel 1000 Ocean once, but twice 1000 Meere.
Viajaría una vez los 1000 Oceand, pero dos veces los 1000 Meere.

You'll agree that Ready, Set, Go! sounds better than Übers Ende der Welt...
Estarán de acuerdo con que Ready, Set, Go! suena mejor que Über Ende der Welt...

Did you like one or two? Have you listen them before? Share your comments way down :)
¿Les gustaron una canción  dos? ¿Los escuchaban antes? ¡Dejen sus comentario camino abajo! :)
Remember that, as every week, you have a new chapter in my Wattpad's account. Amelia's story is over, but the end is not what you except, so give it a look and tell me what do you think!
Recuerden que, como todas las semanas, tienen un nuevo capítulo en mi cuenta de Wattpad. La historia de Amelia se terminó, pero el final no es lo que esperan. ¡Denle una mirada y díganme qué piensan!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

10 marzo 2016

Habemus Publishers (and more news)! / ¡Habemus Editorial (y más noticias)!

Finally a publisher decided to trust in me and one of my stories! Some days ago I received a confirmation from Luna Azul Ediciones saying the book I sent was accepted and will be published with them. I didn't want to give news until it was official and all. Cute publication details? I'LL OPEN THEIR FANTASY SECTION! LUNA DE MAGIA!
¡Finalmente una editorial decidió confiar en mí y una de mis historias! Hace días recibí la confirmación por parte de Luna Azul Ediciones que el libro que les había enviado fue aceptado y será publicado con ellos. No quería dar noticias hasta que fuera oficial y con todas las de la ley de mi parte. ¿Detalles lindos de la publicación? ¡INAUGURARÉ SU SELLO DE FANTASÍA! ¡LUNA DE MAGIA!
The story in question is called Red de Rosas Rojas, a story of witches and, obviously, with lots of magic and fantasy, as you can expect :3 I won't say more than that, despitat that it is very special to me in more than one way.
La historia en cuestión se llama Red de Rosas Rojas, una historia de brujas y, obviamente, con mucha magia y fantasía, como pueden esperar :3 No les diré más de eso, salvo que es especial para mí en más de un sentido.
As you can imagine, I will inform them of everything that happens with the publishing process, so keep your eye on the blog! I'll make sure they do not lose detail of all you can tell: 3
Como se podrán imaginar, iré informándoles de todo lo que pase con el proceso de publicación, ¡así que mantengan el ojo en el blog! Me aseguraré de que no pierdan detalle de todo lo que pueda contarles :3
For now, we have to start a deeper reading to get the details that can be improved, syntax errors, spelling, style, and others, to polish it as well as possible, and in advance I knew I'd have a say at every decision related to with my little baby, so the change of self-published to be published is not so big (one less worry).
Por el momento, hay que empezar una lectura más profunda para conseguir los detalles que se puedan mejorar, errores de sintaxis, ortografía, estilo, y demás, para pulirlo tan bien como se pueda, y de antemano supe que tendría voz y voto en todo lo que se decida hacer con mi pequeño bebé, así que el cambio de autopublicado a publicado no será tan grande (una preocupación menos).


And not only that, but I'll also share publishers with my soul sister soul, which incidentally is ne of my favorite writers! Kassfinol! It's not up for me to give details, except that she'll open ZOMBIE for Luna Azul, but keep an eye on Kasu, Luna, and obviously in Tinta Nocturna, because as soon as I know if I can say something I will come to you with gossip!
Y no solamente eso, sino que también compartiré editorial con mi hermana de alma, ¡que de paso es de mis escritoras favoritas! ¡Kassfinol! No me corresponde a mí darles detalles, salvo que ella inaugurará ZOMBI para Luna Azul, pero tengan el ojo puesto en las páginas de Kasu, de Luna, y obviamente en Tinta Nocturna, ¡porque apenas sepa si puedo decir algo les vendré con el chisme!
AAAAAAND, another of my books was accepted by a publishing, but they wanted to work with a coedition, and since they're from the outside world, I needed to pay in euros. Venezuela's economy doesn't approve this, so I said couldn't do it.
YYYYYYYY, otro de mis libros fue aceptado por una editorial, pero ellos querían trabajar con una co-edición, y dado que son del mundo exterior, tenía que pagar con euros. La economía de Venezuela no aprueba esto, así que dije que no podría hacerlo.
However, I'm still waiting for another email, so LET'S CROSS FINGERS!
Sin embargo, aún estoy esperando otro correo, ¡así que CRUCEMOS LOS DEDOS!
For those with any moderately long and eager to be published story, you can send it to Luna Azul. It's already obvious they respond, and since they've just started, the waiting time isn't very long until the mail arrives. Come on! Earlier this month they launched a call for authors who wish to publish with them, so I leave the information below :D
Para quienes tengan cualquier historia medianamente larga y con ganas de ser publicada, pueden enviarla a Luna Azul. Ya es obvio que responden, y como van empezando, el tiempo de espera no es muy largo hasta que lleguen los correos. ¡Ánimos! A principios de mes lanzaron una convocatoria a los autores que deseen publicar con ellos así que les dejo la información más abajo :D
By now this is all that I have to tell you for today. I hope you have cheered the news as much as me, and if there's someone writing out there, I want you to take the step and send that story! The worst that can happen is they to give a negative and explain their reason, so you'll also get something good :D
Por el momento es todo lo que tengo para contarles hoy. Espero les haya alegrado la noticia tanto como a mí, y si hay alguien escribiendo por allí, ¡quiero que de el paso y envíe esa historia! Lo peor que puede pasar es que den una negativa y expliquen su motivo, así que igualmente sale algo bueno :D
As every week, you have a new chapter in my Wattpad's account. Amelia's story is over, but the end is not what you except, so give it a look and tell me what do you think!
Como todas las semanas, tienen un nuevo capítulo en mi cuenta de Wattpad. La historia de Amelia se terminó, pero el final no es lo que esperan, ¡denle una mirada y díganme qué piensan!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

09 marzo 2016

#Charmed again?! / ¿¡#Embrujadas de nuevo!?

Big good news for a certain fandom! Alyssa Milano, better known as Phoebe Halliwell, has said in her Twitter that a reboot of CHARMED may come at any moment!
¡Grandes y buenas noticias para cierto fandom! ¡Alyssa Milano, mejor conocida como Phoebe Halliwell, ha dicho en su Twitter que un reinicio de EMBRUJADAS podría venir en cualquier momento!
Many know this is my favorite TV series EVER. Is the main reason of why I love witches so much and a very rich universe that obsesses me, so for me this is one of the best news I've heard this year!
Muchos sabes que esta es mi serie favorita EN LA VIDA. Es la razón principal por la cuál amo tanto a las brujas y un universo tan rico que me obsesiona, ¡así que para mí esta es una de las mejores noticias que he escuchado este año!
The bad side is that we won't see any of the original sisters or another character from the first series. Seems like CSM wants to start from zero, I supose, and despites it's kinda bittersweet, it's exciting to see my beloved Halliwells once again.
El lado negativo es que no veremos a ninguna de las hermanas originales u otro personaje de la primera serie. Parece que CSM quiere comenzar de cero, supongo, y aunque es algo agridulce, es emocionante ver a mis amadas Halliwell una vez más.
Reboots have been lately very, very lamely, so I hope this one to make justice to its original story. I know it's not going to be better than the original (very difficult to do such  thing,) but I'll be happy with a decent work.
Los reinicios han sido últimamente muy, muy poco convincentes, así que espero éste le haga justicia a su historia original. Yo sé que no será mejor que la original (muy difícil de hacer tal cosa), pero voy a estar feliz con un trabajo decente.
Here are the tweets and their translations to Spanish ;)
Aquí están los tweets y sus traducción al español ;)
¡Fans de #Charmed! Nada ha sido confirmado. CBS está desarrollando un reinicio sin el elenco original.  Es todo lo que sé con seguridad.
Con todos los shows de reunión parece #charmed sería una gran opción ya que contamos con los mejores y más fieles seguidores en el mundo. Pero me imagino que, hasta que CBS no tome una decisión en su reinicio, un verdadero show de reencuentro no va a ocurrir debido a que CBS tiene los derechos.😘
But the thing doesn't end here! The girls also said they'll be happy to do a two-hours TV special or EVEN A MOVIE. The sky is the limit, they way I see it!
¡Pero la cosa no termina aquí! Las chicas han dicho que estarían felices de hacer un especial de televisión de dos horas o INCLUSO UNA PELÍCULA. ¡El cielo es el límite, por cómo lo veo yo!
I'll wait for a reunion? A TV special? A movie? H*LL YEAH! Just imagine a fight between the original sisters and the new ones! *shivers of excitment* Anyway, we have to wait, but good things take time. I'll pray the writers of this new show don't screw it as many have done with others adaptations, they'll face the rage of a very loyal fanbase!
¿Voy a esperar para una reunión? ¿Un especial de televisión? ¿Una película? ¡C*R*J*S, SÍ! ¡Imagínese una pelea entre las hermanas originales y las nuevos! *tiembla de la emoción* De todos modos, tenemos que esperar, pero las cosas buenas toman tiempo. Voy a orar para que los escritores de este nuevo show no metan la pata como muchos han hecho con otras adaptaciones, ¡se enfrentarán a la ira de unos fans muy leales!
Will you see this new show? What do you thing about the original one? Let me know in the comments down here!
¿Verán este nuevo show? ¿Qué piensan del original? ¡Déjenme saber en los comentarios aquí abajo!
As every Monday, you have a new chapter in my Wattpad's account. Amelia's story is over, but the end is not what you except, so give it a look and tell me what do you think!

Como todos los lunes, tienen un nuevo capítulo en mi cuenta de Wattpad. La historia de Amelia se terminó, pero el final no es lo que esperan, ¡denle una mirada y díganme qué piensan!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

07 marzo 2016

The not so Revenant and some opinions

Clic aquí para leer en español.

Night of awards and drama for many people. Several meet taking bets on who'll take the coveted statuette of the Academy,  making last-minute revisions, choosing their favorite option for each category...
By my side, I hesitated a lot to the famous "DiCaprio’s Curse " to broke this year, and I say this for his latest film: The Revenant, a story of drama and some warlike dyes with a trailer much better than the whole thing.
I really feel that the film wasn’t one of the best I saw in what goes of this year so far, mostly by its protagonist’s performance as Hugh Glass. Someone in his situation would be much more expressive, show more feeling.
I do not deny that his performance was good, but I expected much more, and I came to think that instead of being involved in so much danger, his favorite football team failed to qualify for the World Cup final.
Following the performances, I must mention that there were three in particular that earned my respect: Forrest Goodluck as Hawk, Glass’s Indian son; Will Poulter as Jim Bridger and Tom Hardy as the former soldier John Fitzgerald.
Hawk’s role was intense, very emotional, close to the public and one of those that you’re your throat tighten when something happens; who saw the film will know what I mean by something. The same goes with the character of Bridger, one very controversial internally trying to maintain optimism and hope when everything looks stormy and a victim of circumstances.
I have to breathe not to insult while talking about Fitzgerald as I did at the time with King Stefan in Maleficent. He’s such an unbearably hypocritical, manipulative, selfish and egocentric character, scratching the point of the impossible; very, very well built. For almost all of his scenes I wanted to go to the screen to shoot him in the most vulnerable area of we men.
As for performance, I didn’t expect DiCaprio to win Best Actor, much less I thought it had a chance for Best Movie, as though powerful and strong, surprising moments are rather scarce, resulting in a slowness sometimes exasperating; I totally differ when talking about Tom Hardy, who I hope to really get an appreciation for such a good work.
I also put a question to everyone, whether it deserved or not a prize for music composition, virtually nonexistent, or sound, very detailed and worked, said it all. It’s a very introspective film, full of suspenseful and dramatic silences, but the few scenes with actual music are few and not very relevant, I’d say, and the constant sonic detail, how complex it becomes, bore those who are looking at the screen.
However, I believe that photography and costumes are excellent. Images and natural lighting become something totally irreplaceable when used in the best way, and The Revenant done it; I wasn’t surprised to see the award for this film.
I also think the same with the costumes: each garment looked like something out of itself wasteland where the characters interact, helps a lot to get into the film. Mad Max surpassed it in this regard, but I would be not so surprised this movie wins in this category later.
Little I can say I hasn’t already been said, except to emphasize that the biggest surprise that night was that DiCaprio managed to take the best actor of the year. With so much promotion about it and even the hashtag #UnOscarParaLeo (#AnOscarForLeo, in Spanish), it was more a forced prize than anything else.
If Leonardo wasn’t seen encouraged in his speech, no doubt thinking he had in his head just that: his award was arranged, forced, as a kind of compensation for the years he failed to win deservedly.
The memes on Facebook were not waiting, so I'll leave the one that really made me more grace and I thought would materialize.
It would really have made more sense to see that than the absurd theater mounted on stage... He t win a prize? It would have been better on his own merit and not by marketing strategies and humorous commercials…
As every Monday, you have a new chapter in my Wattpad's account. Amelia's story is over, but the end is not what you except, so give it a look and tell me what do you think!
Como todos los lunes, tienen un nuevo capítulo en mi cuenta de Wattpad. La historia de Amelia se terminó, pero el final no es lo que esperan, ¡denle una mirada y díganme qué piensan!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

04 marzo 2016

Musical Friday / Viernes Musical: Kerli

Hello guys! How is life going?
¡Hola chicos! ¿Cómo va la vida?
Today we have a very unusual playlist. I like a lot of singers, and the stranger they are, the better they are for me! I just love how eccentric they can be, how different can things be when it comes to music and videos.
Hoy tenemos una lista de reproducción muy inusual. Me gustan un montón de cantantes, y mientras más extraños son, ¡mejores son par mí! Me encanta lo excéntricos que pueden ser, lo diferente que las cosas pueden ser cuando se trata de música y vídeos.
One of the most original artists I've seen is Kerli, a girl from Estonia with a new style and always changing music. I don't like all of her songs, but I DO like her proposal, vision, message, styles and lyrics; one or the other, she always surprises me!
Una de las artistas más originales que he visto es Kerli, una chica de Estonia con un nuevo estilo y música siempre cambiante. No me gustan todas sus canciones, pero me gusta su propuesta, visión, mensajes, estilos y letras; uno o el otro, ¡ella siempre me sorprende!
Recently she released her first single as an independent artist: Feral Hearts. Not my style of music at all, but it's the most poetic, dreamlike video EVER; it's the reason for this week's playlist: seven songs/videos I like from Kerli. Hope you enjoy them!
Recientemente lanzó su primer sencillo como artista independiente: Feral Hearts. No es mi estilo de música en absoluto, pero es el más poético y onírico vídeo EN LA VIDA; el cual es la razón de la lista de reproducción de esta semana: siete canciones/videos que me gustan de Kerli. ¡Espero que los disfruten!

You're lying if you say this is not absolutely beautiful!
¡Mienten si dicen que esto no es absolutamente hermoso!

I still listen to this song sometimes... has something in the lyrics.
Aún escucho esta canción a veces... tiene algo en la letra.

It inspires a different romantic story every time I hear it!
¡Inspira una historia romántica diferente cada vez que la escucho!

One of my favorites from this girl. I love it!
Una de mis favoritas de esta chica. ¡La amo!

A great song for a great movie!
¡Una gran canción para una gran película!

Do you feel like you wanna eat the world? 'Cause I am.
¿Se sienten como si quisieran comerse el mundo? Por que yo sí.

What about beeing free and not giving a f*ck what they say?
¿Qué tal acerca de ser libres y no importarles una m**rd* lo que digan?

Remember to read this week's new chapter in Wattpad! Amelia's life gets kinda VERY complicated. Click here to read! We'll see on Monday!
¡Recuerden leer el capítulo de esta semana en Wattpad! La vida de Amelia se pone un poco MUY complicada. ¡Clic aquí para leer! ¡Nos vemos el lunes!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!