08 noviembre 2015

Trolleado por Rafflecopter... / Trolled by Raflecopter...

Hola chicos...
Hi guys...
Quisiera que esta entrada fuera diferente, pero no es el caso.
I'd like this entry to be different, but it's not the case.
Todos sabemos que había un concurso aquí en el blog sorteando varios libros míos, y se supone que ya terminó. Voy chequeando la entrada para ver a los ganadores (Estoy escribiendo esto el sábado) y no me deja ver. Voy a Rafflecopter, esperando que allí sí pueda verlos, pero ahora me dice que mi cuenta NO EXISTE. Que divertido, ¿no?
We all know that we had a contest here in the blog dodging several books of mine, and it's assumed that it's over. I'm checking the entry to see the winners (I'm writing this on Saturday) and it doesn't let me see. I go to Rafflecopter's web, hoping that there I can see them, but it now tells me that my account DOES NOT EXISTS. Very funny, huh?

Soy una persona a la que le gustan las cosas como son, así que luego de insultar mentalmente con todas mis fuerzas la página de Rafflecopter, decidí hacer algo, ya que quiero darles un premio.

I'm a person who like things as they are, so after mentally insult the Rafflecopter page with all my strength, I decided to do something, since I want to give you guys a prize.
Todos los que participaron envíenme un correo, si es posible, adjunten una prueba de que participaron (no es difícil, puse varias opciones para publicar en Facebook, Twitter, etc, pero confío en la palabra de mis lectores de todas formas). Les haré llegar ediciones de los libros que se sorteaban, es decir: La Hija de Bóreas, Tinta Nocturna, y Fuego en las Manos.

All of you who participated send me an email, if possible, attach an evidence to know so (it's not hard, I put several options to post on Facebook, Twitter, etc, but I trust the word of my readers anyway). I'll let you get editions of the raffled books, which are: La Hija de Bóreas, Tinta Nocturna and Fuego en las Manos.
Adicional a esto, para recompensarlos por no poder apegarme al concurso como tal, todos los que me escriban a lo largo del día podrán leer las primeras páginas de una historia de la que no he dicho nada, muy distinta a todo lo que he escrito hasta ahora. ¡Espero pueda compensar este fallo!

In addition to this, to reward you for not being able to attached me to the competition as such, those who write me throughout the day can read the first pages of a story that I didn't say anything about, very different to what I've written so far. I hope this can compensate the bug!
Nuevamente, perdonen el fallo, voy a buscar alguna manera de evitar que vuelva a pasar, así nos ahorramos malos ratos.

Again, sorry for the bug, I'll find a way to prevent it passing again, so we avoid bad times.
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!
Greetings and hugs!

04 noviembre 2015

Angels, witches and Matías Zitterkopf.

Para leer el artículo en español, clic aquí.

The market is currently saturated with paranormal romantic readings of YA books with impossible, outrageous and against any rules, either human or superhuman romances.
As always, fashions make certain features. In the case of paranormal romance literature, the standard are dark, dangerous loves, where the lives of the characters are in constant danger. Matías Zitterkopf  broke the mold.
This argentine writer with two stories already in the public, several texts and tales on his Wattpad, has achieved something new: To create a different story to which readers are accustomed. ne of the is Mientras mi cielo se derrumba, and the other is Corazones Oscuros.
The first is the love story between Amelie and Bastian, her guardian angel. The rapprochement between the two occurs suddenly, like those surprises that occur in daily life, and slowly, over days, as Amy changes her hermit attitude, love begins to emerge between them.
Matías let a relationship take shape in short time, it becomes solid, and while based primarily on Amy's physical attraction to her angel, when the secrets fall and both become closer, this seems more real, more tangible and credible.
The turn of events that occurs in the life of our protagonist leaves the reader misplaced, wondering when things changed so much their direction, when was that Amy's life changed so abruptly, exactly as if it happened in real life.
Despite not having been there, Matías accomplished perfectly to describe the confusion, sadness, misery feelings felt in those moments, the desire to find forces that are not there and the final uprising, when the need for succeed's the only way to fight sorrow.
Bastian is a character who, at first, seems weak, forced, poorly constructed. However, there's is a phrase he tells  his protected at a point that amendment and fully explains why this.
The feelings he come to have for Amy are sincere, very credible, making the reader feel the same as him. His fears, his hopes, thoughts, everything is transmitted through the author's hand.
Near the end, when the dark element enters, almost completely inactive throughout the novel, it demonstrates, again, that the surprising twists are one of the author's strengths. It makes you believe that things will take a course, convince you, and when you are sure it will be that way, everything changes.
While the end of the book feels something rash, it leads to a very promising sequel and, if we let imagination fly, with a good dose of action and drama, which is soon to be published.
A less radiant story is Corazones Oscurs, which tells the love between two young witch guys, Ari and Noah, each one with different problems, with families far away from the stereotype that give children's shows.
Ari was raised by his grandmother since he can remember, not really knowing what had happened between his parents, but has strong suspicions about it. Noah lives with their own, but their relationship could not be worse.
When Ari's Grandma gives a ball at home, their lives collide unexpectedly. A somewhat uneven approach is the perfect excuse to start a story written with both guys as protagonists, in which page by page starts getting close until neither of them can deny the attraction they feel for each other.
Despite its dark in several scenes, it's a very tender, emotional story, where loneliness is felt in both boys, both young but mature enough for the lifestyle they had to carry from birth.
The story takes place in a totally fictional town where magic's something normal, common and banal. Both Ari and Noah have ability to cast spells, to conjure and studying to improve day after day. While this could result in comparison with some famous saga, I must say that both worlds are totally different.
The secrets revealed in each family go over the chapters, both from the point of view of the protagonists and through glimpses of the past that the author's leaving along the story. Each character takes shape, leaving the reader intrigued, wanting to know more as you keep on reading.
The fast pace, the precise short descriptions, so sentimental dialogues and phrases that touch the heart more than once, make this an extremely fast, easy finish reading, taking one or two days to complete it.
Currently, Corazones Oscuros is being rewritten by the author, who is correcting, adding scenes, expanding the story and taking better care some details that web-readers have left him as they advanced in their reading, a wise decision since it's a story that has had as good acceptance with the public.
When stories are known, there's nothing more than to know the author of these, so I leave below the interview I did to its creator, Matías Zitterkopf, speaking of his two books.

1. Why do you write? How come the ideas that you use in your stories?
Apart from reading, I write because I can go elsewhere and leave behind the routine that ofter tires and makes life becomes monotonous. I never stop writing. They arrive without asking. Usually they occur strongly, giving me glimpses and scenes and then I think the plot that can contain them.

2. Your first story was Ángeles y Mariposas, now under the name Mientras mi Cielo se Derrumba. How did the idea for the book and the trilogy? What made you choose the name of Heaven forbidden for the series?
I always say without any shame that comes after finishing reading the Twilight saga, years ago already. But I didn't want vampires or wolves and angels have always intrigued me and I never thought I had ideas for three books. The name of that trilogy was intended by the publisher of Chile publishing me in a moment.

3. What made you change the name of the book?
It also has to do with the previous editor. If we wanted a new version we needed a new name and we thought that one, they sounded very poetic the three titles so with that I stayed.

4. Was there any specific reason to choose angels as paranormal element in the novel?
Only my interest and the fact that the relationship between a guardian angel and his protected is forbidden and it's good to see how they manage to carry out what they feel and see what God's doing about that.

5. The first editions came with Tríada Ediciones, now comes with Hesíodo, why the change of publisher?
I correct. Ángeles y Mariposas was a Hispanic entrepreneurship in Canada. Then came Tríada. The change is because my mind always loved flying and dreams push you to want bigger things. Tríada is a new, small publishing house and never got through to my own country, Argentina. Also in danger, I felt it had no interest in publishing the second part of the trilogy. I think they wanted it out by Amazon. Self-publishing with Hesíodo I do the same they offered me and don't have high percentages of profits relegate anyone. Money does not interest me now, I want to fulfill my dream but when you have to put things in balance, these decisions are made.

6. Now it's already published, would you change something in the novel, some small detail or a larger change?
No. That book underwent many changes. Now it comes out the second part and work in the already strated last one.

7. A little persnal question, do you believe in angels?
Yes. When I left my small town to city I asked someone, perhaps my angel to look after me in the new place. It is today that I feel accompanied and nothing bad has happened.

8. Do you have any expectations for the continuation of this story?
Many. I think it's a highly anticipated part by my readers who follow me since 2011, first, those who read Ángeles y Mariposas. And I know it will go much better than the first one was already known. And I hope they like it, I considered some constructive criticism when I wrote it.

9. Turning to your next story, Corazones Oscuros, did you feel the same writing about a gay couple to a heterosexual couple?
I think so. I just tried to do something respectful, loving relationship between people regardless of gender and the answers I get in comments Wattpad think I managed to convey that message. Sometimes the writers wrote about things that don't feel or experience and I think that's really where we have a challenge. He was also a change to always write something traditional.

10. Lately there have been several books of fantasy and paranormal romance that include the element of paganism to give a twist in the story, can you say that there's paganism in the story or fiction that came spontaneously?
I think it came spontaneously. Magic is something that has always struck me. While there are things about magic in general, I think I invented most things.

11. How did you come up the history of both witches? Was it something that came up suddenly?
I had been reading a book called Blood Magic and it blew my head with the blood magic subject. But the trigger was another. For some reason it came to my mind a girl repeating "con tres gotas de mi sangre, te ato para siempre…" as the book begins. From there I couldn't stop.

12. You said you are correcting history, expanding and adding more scenes, is there re-launch date or do we have to wait for this new edition?
We have to wait because I'm offering it to publishers. If I don't reach a possitive response, I'll selfpublish it but it would be next year.

13. Until now, you have sent it to several publishers, how has been the process? Have they said something about the story?
Not yet. I recently contacted a few and today sent the others were receiving open manuscripts. It takes 3 to 6 months to respond.

14. Turning to a personal question, have you done any of Ari and Noah's spells or something similar? Would you consider yourself believer in magic?
I haven't done them but if I found myself repeating their incantations and waving hands in the leading imposition or clicking haha. I believe in the magic of thoughts desires. I don't think lighting a candle results but when you think you do and the desire to put it.

15. If you had to choose one as your favorite, what would it be and why?
There is a new one that I wrote that deals with Ari and his mother. It's sad but if you think is the cutest. He asks for protection to his mother not tell you more abut for not giving spoilers. And surely some of those who do Gloriana are the coolest.

16. Do you think the two stories you have changed or you feel like before writing?
Yes. With both I learned a lot and help you to improve in the following books. It has made me happy and made me spend great months while writing.

17. Can you say something of you is in these characters or vice versa?
I don't think so. Small personality traits perhaps but I always say that my life is not as interesting as the characters'.

18. Are there any projects you have in mind that you can tell us?
Finish writing the trilogy and think later a sequel to Crazones Oscuros. But the story has to convince a lot.

19. What advice would you give those who want to become a writer?
You have to read a lot and write a lot. And if the aim is to reach a publisher, never discourage. If this is really what you like, you'll still be writing and just for you.

20. Thanks for your time! I hope soon to hear again about Amy, Bastian, Ari and Noah!
Thank you for considering me and give me a space to show what I do. I hope so.

¡Un saludo y un abrazo!
Greetings and hugs!

02 noviembre 2015

Fall into Bliss!

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¡Un saludo y un abrazo!
Greetings and hugs!