26 julio 2011

Forced to be Gay.

Dedicated to V (also as OD). A gift from me to you...
Remember that, although this is written here, you can return it a mere memory.

All are equal:
The same shit.
It is always a bitch.

I got tired.
I feel controlled,
And pulled.

Good riddance, womens.
More never want to see.
Someday I will love you again,
But for now, I look for at a man.

Trust me.

You're my reality now.
Yes that is about to start the biggest show:
The story of our love.

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Thanks for coming to Tinta Nocturna!
Hugs from here to whereever you may be ^^


¡Gracias por pasarte por Tinta Nocturna!
Un abrazo de aquí hasta donde estés ^^