25 julio 2011


I can give you the real life.
I can make you see the sunlight.
I can transform you into a butterfly.

I give you my love
if you give me change the sound of your song.

I'm your angel.
Not let you fall.

[enamorados1qx7.jpg]Cupid will make you feel
I'll kiss you, I'll give you wings.
I'll let you fly free.

Are the most important to me.
Be the twilight of your Depreciation.

I'll be your savior angel.
Sunlight is rising.

The moon is shining.
You're the one.

The most eagerly awaited for my soul in this world.
I do sebntir on top

We would be so happy.

Conent so would be today.
You must choose now.

I will not miss you.
I will fight for you .

You will be mine.

No one else.
Forever mine.

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Thanks for coming to Tinta Nocturna!
Hugs from here to whereever you may be ^^


¡Gracias por pasarte por Tinta Nocturna!
Un abrazo de aquí hasta donde estés ^^


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