23 julio 2011

Welcome to my new blog...!

Hi bloggers...! Maybe you know my from the blog "Tinta Nocturna", but for the new followers, I'm Alan D.D. I'm a writter, poet, and recently, lyricist.

I've placed more than 100 texts in TN, but for some time I have been making them in English, so I decided to create this blog to put them all.

I support free speech, but since the blog I ask you to comment only in English.

Soon I leave the first English text of TN, and if you want, I placed the translations of other texts; D

See you later...!

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Thanks for coming to Tinta Nocturna!
Hugs from here to whereever you may be ^^


¡Gracias por pasarte por Tinta Nocturna!
Un abrazo de aquí hasta donde estés ^^