29 julio 2011

Why grandfather is that?

One evening at home, a little boy asked his mother:

- Mom, Why  grandpa is that?
- I do not understand you, my love, what do you mean? - Asked -.
- Is that you always have to repeat all things, hardly seen, always forgets everything and not walk without the swab.
- Honey, you repeat things that he've heard so much as the ears fail him, he has seen so many things that your eyes are tired, he has lived so much and his memory is not the same, and their feet have passed so many lands that are already tired, so your grandfather is.

Shaken, the boy told to his mother:

- Mom, I want to see yourgrandfather, after what I say, I think I want to visit, I want to tell mesome stories when I was young,

The mother, seeing the enthusiasm of its son, where the grandfather took him.

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