31 agosto 2016

Suicide Squad, the movie.

Hello Nighters! How is this week going for you? Hope that great!
Some days ago I had the chance to FINALLY see Suicide Squad on the movies, and I cannot not tell you what I think about. I've heard many of my friends telling me it's a bad film, that they didn't like it, and alikes, but I admit that, although it is not the best film better, it is a very good one for me.


The script wasn't very elaborated, I know that. It is very basic with a little sense of innovation, but I do consider these people did a good work with it inverting Marvel's formula: Putting together many characters so they could do individual movies later depending on what fans say.
For me, the plot's general idea was well developed. It was simple, not as complicated as in Marvel's movies, but I always love to see how simple humans, almost all of them with no real powers, try to save the world from a magical danger.
Also, it was cool to see a little introduction for each of them at the beginning, and I must say that more than one was surprising, it was like I was watching a collection of short films, and the same happened with the flashbacks.
The colors were my favorite part in this aspect. Dark movies are meant to be loved, and even if this is not of the best ones, has very good material in there. The black humor, the aesthetic, make up, the background story for each character, the nature of their powers, and the OMG kind of ending this movie had! Great, simply great!
About the acting, Jared Leto was a disappointing, for real. It was mostly of the lack of scenes with him in the whole film, but I don't see a real effort on his character. There were some cases where I totally believed I was seeing the Joker on the big screen, but there were other when I didn't know who he was. I can understand they tried to do him darker than before, less funny, and maybe it worked for some, but not for me.
The one I really loved was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. A strong, emotional and developed character with the best moments on screen, that became one of my favorite ones and the reason I have to start reading the comics as soon as I can.
Another amazing character was Cara Delevingne's Enchantress, a total freak I loved every single time I saw her on screen. Some hate her because of the lack of loyalty to the original character, but this could be different universe, and it brings back the classic villains: they are bad because it is in them, it's their nature, although I still saw some reasons for her actions. Haters gonna hate.
Will Smith as Deathshot wasn't impressive, I didn't even recognize him because of his behavior on the film. He seemed to be a rookie with some forced dialogues. When people told me it was him, I needed to google it to believe it.
Many things have been said about the differences between the movie and the comics, but for me, it just the same as in Marvel: these people is trying to explore new alternatives, like a different universe with the same base; remember that there are Marvel movies were things change for different reasons, and some of them didn't have any sense, if you ask me.
The photography was some of the best parts, not because of the framings and plans, which were a safe bet, something very simple with little sense of innovation, but because of the camera's movements and transitions, fluid, natural and dynamic.
There were some things that I really hated, two, to be exact: the way Harley's hair dried so fast almost at the end, for the final fight, and the Batman on this adaptation, he didn't look strong, but fat, chubby, heavy, you name it. If it wasn't for those two things, I would have loved the movie even more than now.
Finally, on the music, I already said that I don't like the genres they had for the soundtrack. Every single one of the songs matched the movie and the scenes, but I prefer the score, just a matter of likes, because I hardly ever listen to rap and hip hop, and Bohemian Rhapsody is just a messy sound set for me.
So, in short, is Suicide Squad worth it? Yep. It is not the best movie ever, but it's not the worst either. But as always, let me know what you think in the comments! I'd like to discuss it with some people, even if they disagree with me ^^

Greetings and hugs!

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  1. Good review!! I am wanting to see this movie, it looks like it's a lot of fun. Since I don't read the comics, so the changes won't bother me one bit!

    1. LOL, advantages of not reading :v Hope yoiu like it as much as I did!


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