18 agosto 2016

Charmed: Season 1

Hello nighters! I told you before I was going to speak about a TV series I'm currently watching, and that's what I'll do today.
Witches are the best creatures ever for me; humans (or sometimes not) with great powers, capable of doing amazing things just with a blink and saying a few words. I do believe there are some real witches nowadays and, among all the movies and series I've seen so far, the Charmed Ones are the best one, along with Tarot.


The story in the first season is more than interesting, very introductory, sometimes a little boring, and because of the time it was made in, 1998, the special effects are kind of poor. However, I consider that I was well produced and directed keeping this in mind.
Shanen, Alyssa and Holly Marie's acting were well made, and I felt them real in every chapter. I could see their confusion, their questions, their fears, and although there were some scenes where I wasn't THAT excited with them, there was something that kept me watching one episode after another.
In terms of folklore and legends, it bothered me a little when the scriptwriters turned Hecate from a Goddess to a mere demon, among with other changes I don't really understood. However, if those were the original versions, it would have been okay for me, since it was all consistent and homogeneous.
The special effects were not as amazing as in the episodes I'm watching right now, but these people did a really good job with their limitations and found a way to make things work and look great on small screen: however, it is a shame that it was all recorded for small screens, because it looked kinda horrible in my TV.
In general, all the stories had something catchy, a new element that surprised me and a solid sub plot among with the main one. It was all well mixed, some little mistakes in the script and dialogues that didn't convinced me, but again, just because of the time.
In terms of the season finale, I can just say it was fucking perfect. It had all the drama and tension it needed to remain in my head for a long time, along with good music, effects and script, all of them considerably better than in the rest of the season's episodes.
Have you ever seen this series? What do you think about the first season? Let me know in the comments!

Greetings and hugs!

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  1. I watched this as a teen, I loved it. Reading this I feel like I really have to watch it again some time.

    1. Do it then, I saw some episodes when I found them in TV, and it feel GREAT to see those witches again ^^
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I have been meaning to get into this series for awhile!


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