04 agosto 2016

The Killing Joke (Movie)

Hi guys! As I mentioned a few days ago, I had the opportunity to read the original comic book The Killing Joke before seeing the film, and already tell you that Sam Liu has earned my respect as a film director.


I have noticed many have criticized the beginning of The Killing Joke for its first half hour, which has absolutely nothing to do with the comic. Those are scenes that don't appear in the original story, and I admit it was quite unusual to see that everything began with something entirely new.
However, there is a reason for these scenes to be included. Barbara Gordon can fall into the cliché of sex symbol heroin for some, but I think it has enough action scenes to consider her as a solid character created to represent exactly what she reflects on screen: power, strength, feelings, the opposite of Batman in more than one sense, and yet someone very close to him.
I feel these scenes give a good idea of ​​the relationship between the two for those not familiar with them, because honestly, Barbara was someone quite secondary in the comic, but with the film I understood the true importance of her to Bruce Wayne.
After this controversy, I cannot but say I was blown away with what the accurate and faithful the film was to the original story. Plans, dialogues, colors, scenes, everything was equal to the comic, and I can say it is one of the best adaptations I've seen so far (who knows me knows I've seen a few.)
I have problems particularly with Batman's voice, monotonous, boring, unfeeling, lifeless... I understand this man is dry and closed due to his past, but there is a difference between being closed to act as a machine, much more during the first half hour, which is much more noticeable throughout.
There are times when you really laugh with the Joker's occurrences, and others in which he give you chills and freezes your blood, wakes you up a lot of curiosity on his past and want the movie to go faster to find out what happened.
Also, I have to comment on the scene that many say alludes to a violation of Barbara: if the producer says that no such thing happened, then it did not happen, period. It's funnier to think it did, that the Joker is demented, but if it's something unforeseen, then we have to get used to the idea, although many of us don't like it.
If there is a significant difference with the comic, it is the omission of the epilogue and the much more positive ending about Batman and his nemesis, whom I consider two other successes in terms of the story, but if you ask me, I think Batman shouldn't have laughed that much.
Art was excellent, it reminded me of The Justice League from 2001, a nostalgic touch that, if it wasn't on purpose, hit the spot for those who saw the program. I wasn't a lover of the series, but to remember my childhood gave MANY points to the film.
Finally, I must congratulate this charming interpretation of a song I call "Just go looney." It reflects his interpreter's mind in a way I didn't expect, plus it has something sticky that makes me want to hear more than once.
For those who already saw it and want to revive this beautiful moment, I say goodbye with the video in question. As a good purist, I leave the original version, because I heard this only sequence in Latin Spanish and felt it was ridiculous. What can I tell? Some things sound better in English.
Greetings and hugs!

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  1. if we didn't laugh at the Joker - he wouldn't be doing his job!

  2. Never heard of this movie, but batman was never my forte.

    1. Neither mine, but you should give this film a try ;)

  3. a mi s eme fue el momento que la dieron aquí ya veré si la dan en TV o si la hallo en internet para verla

    1. Vale mucho la pena, ¡estaré esperando tu opinión!


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