08 agosto 2016

Interview: Lucía Arca.

Hello people! This week has been quite eventful, if I'm honest, what about yours?
Today I wanted to bring you an interview I did to Lucía Arca, the author of Oh My Gothess (you can see the video review on youtube), a girl with an enviable imagination. I hope you like it and enjoy reading it as I did doing it!


1. Why did you decide to write realistic fiction?
Partly in response to a challenge I had for myself and on the other hand by a need. I wanted to know if I was able to leave my comfort zone and, at the same time, needed to embark on a story in which the feelings were front and center, beyond adventure and action.

2. How did Oh My Gothess was born? What was the spark that brought it to life?
Oh My Gothess borned in 2013. People had already proposed I shud try realism and I wanted to try writing something different, leave the security they gave me the fantastic elements. One day, Nessa came to me. She was born first, with her inherent irony, that personality to be clawing to see the pink after the black, sweetness beyond bad ways; with all that she does. In a way, she is an evolution of Lucy Campbell, my first character (of the Clans Bilogy.) She is a somewhat more complex and mature version of that first protagonist; they could be friends (or argue a lot, it is another possibility).

As you know, I got the first chapter on Wattpad and it was there OMG grew, with the support and love of so great readers like you.

3. What would you say have in common the characters in this novel with you?

Musical tastes, no doubt. I gave them some of my favorite songs and groups. While it is true that my character and Nessa's match in a few points: both are ironic, she infinitely more than me. Moreover, the relationship with my parents was much ler hers at that age, they always reached out and dialogue was constant in my house. In fact, my father is called Ramón. I have also met some other Úrsula in my teens. Who does not?

4. OMG is a fairly strong reading, I said so in the videoreview, was there a time when even being the author you had to stop writing?

Several, I admit. I laughed, I cried, flooded in my anger, frustration also. It is a story with two characters we see as friends, we find it so easy to understand, empathize with them... it affects to witness what is happening to them.

5. Each character has their own demons, their chiaroscuros, where do each one come from? Personal experiences, of others, or only choose them?
Luckily, there is little own experience. As mentioned, the circumstances of Nessa and Isaac, even those from Beca and Leo, are hard. They are not the profile of marginal characters living in misery, but that doesn't free them from being miserable at times. It is not necessarily a sordid atmosphere, a dark alley or a neighborhood for notorious people to suffer and must fight for their happiness. Tragic stories take shape under a family roof, even upper middle class.

In every novel there is something of what we see, what we hear, what we experienced in some cases. in Oh My Gothess I talk about what I fear, what happens although we ignore it many times and, as in Isaac's case, what is rarely commented upon but it happens more than we think.

6. What are your feelings now toward this novel? Are you satisfied with the final result or do you want to change something?
I'm very satisfied. We always have that doubt whether or not that story would be liked, because after all, everything is written; it's impossible to innovate. Feelings and human reactions are what they are and if we are realistic we must use them, so that every person will respond to a profile and every story have points in common with others, it's lik that. But Oh My Gothess is a novel I know that even if someone wants to throw on the ground, either by having a different point of view or simple hobby, is still charming. I'm proud of it, of its most dramatic moments and scenes with extra sweetener, its full of irony dialogues and the narrative sometimes too adult, in theory, for a teenager. Adults forget what it's like to be seventeen years old, I do remember. Moreover, some of the poetic phrases Nessa shares on her blog belong to my own adolescence, I rescued them from a red notebook to hand them over. Phrases and thoughts that I know some see as too adult for children of that age. Well, I had  them, even younger, when I wrote them.

Adolescence is the most turbulent time of our lives, we have feelings to the surface, we are never as susceptible or sensitive; never underestimate anyone in full emotional turmoil and personal growth.

7. If you could meet any of the characters, at any time of the novel, what would you say and why?

Lorca and Lorrain remain in professionals' hands, they are people who don't listen to reason, so I couldn't do anything to change their course. But I'll talk to Úrsula, I think she still has salvation, she's a lost girl with a distinctly damaged self-esteem, despite what it looks like, someone with a yet to forge personality. I'll tell her she has a life ahead, something beyond high school. I would be serious and tell her I've seen many girls like her, girls that proclaim  to be gang leaders and believe their take on the world while they're actually only others' doormats like Lorca. I'll encourage her to backtrack, get away from these people and appreciate true friendships, Beca and Nessa. And yes, perhaps push her into place. In the scene in which she humiliates Nessa I would give her a good cut, I couldn't help it. I know you'll do more than that, lol.
8. Do you think there will be some sequel?
The story of Nessa and Isaac continues in this universe, but it makes no sense to tell it on paper, it is better to imagine how their relationship will develop.

But there are untold things about Beca and Leo, as you have made me know by private, tweets and some reviews. These two have a lot to tell, I assure you. What I don't know is the form their history will have, if a short story or a novel. What would you like personally?

9. What are your plans now? Which will be the next book?
Right now I'm writing my first adult story, a romantic comedy in which there are also some dose of drama. I'm in love with its characters, Enzo and Nidia make me laugh every time.
I am also giving a chance to "Génesis," continuation of Crónicas de Luz y Oscuridad; it means the outcome of the new adult, urban fantasy bilogy that started with Esplendor and also has a short story narrated by an antagonist: Furia. The action breaks out between the pages of Génesis and I enjoy as a child with each battle, as well as beings I think and the places I imagine  I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

I report my progress in the project section of my web: www.luciaarca.wix.com/autora

10. Finally, do you feel more comfortable writing realistic or paranormal fiction? What is your favorite?
With both, who was going to tell me?! Each has its appeal.

11. Thank you for your time! I hope soon to hear back from you and your books!
Thank you, Alan: for your unconditional support, for your friendship through networks and through those conversations in which we try to fix the world.



For me, give another novel! But I will be (less) happy with a short story ;) Leave your comments bellow!

Greetings and hugs!

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