15 agosto 2016

Oh My Gothess, by Lucía Arca

Hi guys. How are you?
I spent a rather complicated days last week between light, health and spirit problems, but I'm with recharged batteries (I hope,) and wanted to bring a written review of Oh My Gothess. You may have already seen the video I made for Youtube, but there are things I prefer to say in writing, besides that I can unleash the inner fanboy.


Before I go, let me make clear that I don't usually read these stories, I'm not a fan, I don't like to feel identified with them, but when I read the first chapters, and in its finished version, I couldn't help but go ahead, hoping that all end well.
In part, I dislike Lucía a very little. She was too cruel with her characters for many reasons, and the fact they are so nice guys, a group I would like to know, doesn't help much. Life is unfair sometimes, and Lucía is not afraid to show it in this story.
As I said in the channel, this story stirred inside me old things: I'm gothic since young, and of course they made bad comments, and because of other matters I came to pass the same as Beca, Nessa's best friend. That being the case, I can say that Lucía portrayed quite well both ways, so real, I couldn't help remembering that time.
The output between Issac, Nessa, Beca and Leo was just perfect, I would say it even was my favorite scene of the whole book. I imagine a music video of Nervo and those guys in the background, and I think it would be pretty good. The four of them are proof that even if our inner world is falling apart and the outside is a mess, there are still moments of hapiness we cannot miss.
The problems of each and every one of the characters are so real and (unfortunately) so current that it is impossible to remain indifferent to their fights, their feelings and the way their world is changing gradually.
The final was fucking perfect, although I was telling Lucía what I thought about Lorraine, I think my violent streak wasn't satisfied at all, but at the rest it was something so magical and romantic that I even found myself jumping with excitement (don't let my friends read this.)
For me, Lucía did an excellent job for her first realistic novel, although I'd always prefer paranormal and fantasy above these; a matter of taste. However, if she were to write another book like this, I won't hesitate to read it as soon as possible.

Greetings and hugs!

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