11 octubre 2017

Charmed: Season 8

Hey guys, how have you been?
I have been postponing this entry for quite some time because I could not get the good spirits I needed. Centuries ago I finished watching what's for me one of the best series ever, but I want to take advantage of free minutes to talk about the eighth and last season of Charmed.

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After they fake their death to achieve a life as normal and relaxed as possible, the Halliwell sisters decide to reveal that they're still alive, that everything was simply a facade, but without giving details to the public to avoid an even greater commission.
A new witch enters the main cast, Billie Jenkins, who uses her powers covertly, until she discovers the Charmed Ones, who adopt her as if she were a fourth sister, teaching her everything they know and helping her develop her powers.
While searching for Billie's lost sister, things get complicated as a battle draws near, and for which, Leo must move away from the sisters, which triggers a long series of events in which all characters will show the worst of their sides.
There were a couple of episodes where I thought the series would go down the drain, but in the end everything started to take shape, creating a plot line that I loved, which becomes notorious for the lack of protagonism of the special effects, which already have become a classic at this point.
The changes and the evolution in all the characters take another level as the end of the series approaches, so it goes without saying that the performances are to die for. Both the Halliwell and Billie surprised me in more than one point, as did Leo in the stakes he had.
There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the last episode of the series, but I consider that, although the beloved Prue Halliwell did not appear, she had a well-deserved tribute, which although doesn't compensate her absence, is up to it.
Although this was the last season, the sisters and their universe are still alive in the comics of Zenescope Entertainment, following the season structure and the style of the episodes, so we can say there will be Charmed for a good time!
For now, I'll leave the series aside, or well, I've done it since this season ended, and I'm concentrating more on the world of comics and manga, so you can expect a review in the near future!
Any thoughts on this season? What did you think of the end? Do you agree that the series continues in the comics? I will be waiting for your comments!


PS: Don't forget that there's a new book coming this month and there's a new chapter of Reflections!

Greetings and hugs!
¡Un saludo y un abrazo!

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